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Enhanced digital images by removing unwanted objects.
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SnapEdit.App is an image cleaning tool that uses AI detection technology to identify and remove unwanted objects such as people, text, watermarks, logos and more from digital photographs.

This free tool offers a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows users to upload or drag and drop images onto the platform for editing. SnapEdit's AI technology automatically detects objects in the image and removes them in seconds, resulting in clear and beautiful images.

The platform also offers manual object removal using its eraser feature, which enables users to blur, beautify or restore old photos. SnapEdit supports various popular web browsers and image formats, including JPG and PNG, and allows users to download images in high definition.

The platform is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Thai, and Turkish. SnapEdit is completely free to use, and users can edit images online or download the mobile app for a better user experience.

SnapEdit takes user privacy and safety seriously, and as such, the platform does not store any copies of original or edited images. Overall, SnapEdit is a reliable and efficient tool for anyone looking to remove unwanted objects from their digital photographs quickly and easily.


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Aug 3, 2023
not free 100%

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Pros and Cons


Removes unwanted objects
Identifies objects automatically
Supports many image formats
Free to use
Multi-language support
No image storage
Manual object removal
Eraser feature included
High-definition image download
Web and mobile app usage
Restores old photos
Supports multiple web browsers
Watermark remover
Text eraser
Logo remover
Provides image samples
Can undo or redo actions
Share options available
Automated object removal
Easy drag and drop interface
Quick object removal
Fast image uploading
Option to share directly to social media
Multi-platform support
Allows image blurring
Removes acne or wrinkles from photos
Device independent
Supports unlimited image size
Maintains user privacy
No original or edited image copies stored
HD image download
Retouch and enhance features
Supports Android and iOS
User-friendly interface
Fixes for old photos
Interactive photo editing
Provides editing tips
Mobile app available
Zoom in and out feature
Correct and cartoonize photos
Supports popular web browsers
Animated photos
Colorize photos
Supports JPG and PNG formats


No offline usability
Limited image formats support
No API for advanced uses
Might misinterpret objects
Limited editing options
No desktop application
No photo saving option
No batch processing
Eraser feature could induce errors


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