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Online photo editor powered by AI
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SnapEdit is an AI-powered online photo editing tool, designed to provide a collection of photo editing features. Users can use this tool to perform several photo editing tasks including object removal, photo enhancement, background removal, text removal, wirelines removal, and old photo restoration in both web app and mobile app forms.

SnapEdit's object removal feature uses AI to detect and eliminate unwanted details from photos. The photo enhancement feature improves image resolution automatically while the background removal feature enables users to eliminate backgrounds seamlessly and replace them with a range of pre-designed templates.

SnapEdit also provides text and wireline removal features that can clean up images by taking out unwanted text and intrusive wires. The photo restoration tool is specifically trained to revive and improve the quality of old photos.

SnapEdit is user-friendly even for beginners, and its tools have been utilized by creators and businesses across a range of sectors, including photography, ecommerce, fashion, travel, and real estate.


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Aug 3, 2023
not free 100%

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Pros and Cons


Easy interface
Drag and drop upload
Auto-detects objects
Manual object removal
Functions on web browsers
Compatible with JPG, PNG
High-definition downloads
Supports multiple languages
Free to use
Online and mobile app availability
Does not store images
Provides photo enhancement
Background removal feature
Pre-designed templates availability
Text and wirelines removal
Old photo restoration
User-friendly for beginners
Used by various sectors
Image resolution improvement
Seamless background elimination
HD image download
Text removal auto-detection
Wireline removal feature
Blurry photo resolution enhancement
Non-professionals can use
No advanced skills required
Real Estate photo editing
Travel photo editing
Fashion photo editing
Ecommerce photo editing
Photography editing
Remove photo bombers
Downscaled photo restoration
Automatic object detection
Web platform usable
Mobile app availability
Restore old photos
Effective for large businesses
Effective for content creators
Compatible with smartphones, PCs, tablets
Usage statistics display
Multi-language support
Training for old photo improvement
Allows user reviews


Limited image formats support
No API mentioned
No desktop application
No batch editing
No collaborative editing
Erasure tool limited functionality
No SDK mentioned
Limited template options
No RAW image support
No advanced editing tools


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