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Create stunning AI profile pics & avatars with SnapshotAI.
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SnapshotAI is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create unique, AI-generated images, profile pictures, and avatars. Users supply four of their best selfies which the tool uses to train a custom AI model tailored to the user.

The AI transforms these images into a series of profile pictures or avatars in a variety of styles(56+ reported). This service enables a broad artistic diversity, turning selfies and other subject photos into AI-based works of art.

These images are uniquely suited to enhancing personal or business branding on social media. SnapshotAI also provides different resolution options for generated pictures, including standard resolutions suitable for online use and high-quality, 4K resolutions ideal for printing.

In addition, users can opt for a 'studio render' package where a special studio render image is included. SnapshotAI also facilitates gifting with a digital voucher system allowing users to give custom image sets to others.


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SnapshotAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 9th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 200+ images
Offers 56+ styles
Produces 4K resolution images
300 dpi image quality
Studio render package available
Offers gift e-vouchers
Effective for social media
Boosts personal branding
Enhances business branding
Flexible resolution options
Various styles for profiles and avatars
Transforms user selfies
Digital Art creation
High resolution rendering option
Option for standard square renders
Depth-of-field photo shoots
Transforms any subject photos
High-quality render options
Ideal for printing needs
No subscription, one time payment
4 styles of e-vouchers available
Works with all photos: people, pets, cars, clothing
Extra features in additional e-voucher
Easy gifting with e-vouchers
4K images suitable for printing
Standard resolution great for profile pictures
Unique artwork creation from user's photos
Achieves a personal, artistic touch
New level of personal branding
Boost social media profiles
Effective for marketing campaigns
Transforms ordinary selfies into art
Enhances diverse personal images
HD images in 300dpi
Custom studio render included
Generates images within an hour


Requires 8+ photos for training
Only 56+ styles available
Limited to square renders
No option for non-square formats
No multi-render packages
No API for developers
Does not support real-time edits
Training can be time-consuming
No low-resolution option
Doesn't include business-style images


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Can I genuinely create a revolution in life with SnapshotAI?

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