Coding in VScode 2024-06-17
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Generate unit tests and use AI features in VS Code.
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SnippetHub is an AI-powered tool integrated into VS Code designed for developers to streamline, expedite, and enhance their coding experience. The tool provides several AI features for code optimization and management.

One of the primary features, 'AI Test Storm', empowers developers to quickly generate unit tests leveraging top AI models. This helps in saving considerable time and improving code quality.

It also offers an 'AI Lens' feature that allows developers to get on-spot results by defining custom instructions. Additionally, an AI chat feature is accessible directly within the VS Code.

This feature facilitates an AI-assisted dialogue in the context of the selected code, providing smart insights and helping in faster resolution of coding challenges.

SnippetHub also aids in effective code snippets management through IntelliSense smart suggestions integrated right in VS Code. The tool supports over 30 of the most popular programming languages.

A note-worthy benefit of SnippetHub is its potential to significantly enhance the return on investment by reducing the time spent on unit test writing.


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Pros and Cons


VS Code integration
Unit test generation
Programming languages support
IntelliSense integration
Code management
Code optimization
ROI Calculator
One-click custom instructions
Snippet sharing
Direct use of snippets
Effective snippets management
Generates unit tests quickly
Fast resolution of coding challenges
Supports 30+ popular languages
Improves coding efficiency
Saves time on testing
Increases ROI on testing
GPT-3/4 and Mixtral 8x7B integration
Integrated ROI Calculation
User-friendly UI


Limited to VS Code
No multi-code editor integration
Data privacy concerns
Limited languages support (30+)
No information about error handling
No detailed tutorial provided


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How does SnippetHub's 'AI Test Storm' help in saving time?
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How do I get started with SnippetHub?
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Does SnippetHub have a feature to calculate the return of investment in AI unit tests?

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