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Social media content management for marketing teams.
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Social Curator is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users in creating, discovering, and publishing engaging social media posts. It aims to streamline the social media marketing process by providing a comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of content creation and distribution.The tool boasts an AI-driven social media manager called DOTTIE, who quickly understands the user's business and generates customized content in their unique voice.

DOTTIE can create captions, photos, video scripts, and provide relevant hashtags for different platforms. Additionally, it offers features for repurposing captions and scheduling auto-posts.Social Curator acts as an all-in-one social media hub, enabling users to organize and schedule content for multiple platforms on a single calendar.

It allows users to upload photos and videos and provides options for auto-publishing.The tool provides action plans to convert followers into customers, offering step-by-step guidance for sales-oriented strategies such as closing sales in direct messages and building email lists from social media.

It also emphasizes the importance of community support by facilitating collaboration among like-minded entrepreneurs through live classes and coaching sessions.Social Curator offers a range of pricing plans, including a free trial, monthly, and annual subscriptions.

The tool provides unlimited, customized content with DOTTIE, a supportive community, daily engagement actions, ongoing education, and priority customer support.Overall, Social Curator aims to simplify content creation and marketing tasks, assist users in growing their social media presence, and increase sales through proven frameworks and AI-driven assistance.


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Social Curator was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Customized content creation
Understands user's business quickly
Generates content in user's voice
Creates captions, photos, scripts
Provides relevant hashtags
Repurposes captions for platforms
Schedules auto-posts
All-in-one social media hub
Manages content for multiple platforms
Allows photo/video uploads
Auto-publishing options
Provides sales-oriented strategies
Steps for closing sales through DMs
Builds email lists from social media
Live classes and coaching sessions
Facilitates collaboration
Offers free trial, monthly, annual subscriptions
Provides unlimited, customized content
Prioritize customer support
Daily engagement actions
Ongoing marketing education
Autopublish to multiple platforms
Searchable gallery of lifestyle photos
Proven marketing plans
Posting metrics and tracking
Community challenges for engagement
Built-in Calendar for content plan
Drag and drop content planning
Sales Strategy Toolkit included
Strategic marketing plans included
Community support and collaboration included
Daily action ideas for engagement


Limited social platform coverage
No clarity on tool API
No specific content curation
No real-time analytics
No multilingual support
Restricted to specific industries
May lack privacy features
Limited functionality during free trial


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Can Social Curator assist in converting followers into customers?
What are the action plans provided by Social Curator?
Does Social Curator offer a community for collaboration and learning?
What are the different pricing plans of Social Curator?
How can Social Curator assist in increasing sales?
How does Social Curator's feature for scheduling auto-posts work?
Does Social Curator have a free trial?
How does the content planning and posting feature of Social Curator work?
What does 'unlimited, customized content with DOTTIE' mean?
Can I connect my social profiles to Social Curator for streamlined posting?
How does Social Curator's feature for engagement planning work?
What is the 'sales strategy toolkit' included in Social Curator's subscription plans?
Can I auto-publish content to various social media platforms using Social Curator?
Does Social Curator provide education to grow business?

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