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Real-time support & sales via messaging platforms.
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The Live Chat Software by Social Intents allows users to communicate with their website visitors through various messaging platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Slack, and ChatGPT.

With this tool, users can chat with website visitors directly from these platforms without the need to switch between different applications. The software offers customization options, allowing users to customize chat settings, logos, and office hours.

It also provides features like chat transcripts, reporting, and integration with automation tools like Zapier. One notable feature is the integration with ChatGPT AI Chatbots, which users can embed on their websites and train with their own content.

This allows for the automation of customer interaction while also providing the option for human escalation when required. The tool is designed to improve customer happiness by providing real-time customer support.

Users can engage with customers in their preferred messaging platform, eliminating the need for customers to learn additional software to communicate with the company.

Additionally, the Live Chat Software aims to boost revenue by helping users close more sales online. By engaging with potential customers when they need assistance, users can increase conversions and revenue.

The tool is easy to set up and can be installed in just a few minutes. Overall, the Live Chat Software by Social Intents offers a convenient and customizable solution for businesses to communicate with their website visitors effectively and efficiently.


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