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Graphic design and image editing for platforms.
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SocialBook Photo Studio is a free online graphic design tool that utilizes AI to empower users with a wide range of design capabilities. With an extensive library of templates, users can easily create visually appealing and properly sized content for various platforms, such as YouTube thumbnails, YouTube banners, and Instagram posts.The tool offers a user-friendly design dashboard where users can explore cutting-edge AI tools that enhance their creative process.

Among these tools, the text-to-image transformation allows users to transform written ideas into stunning visuals instantly. Additionally, the AI Scribble feature transforms doodles into captivating illustrations, while the Me-taverse feature converts any image into anime-style art.The Upscaler tool enhances image resolution, producing crisp and clear photos.

The Generative Fill feature effortlessly removes objects or brings text-described creations to life. The Extend Image tool lets users resize their images to any ratio, with AI automatically filling the gaps.SocialBook Photo Studio also offers a Cartoonizer feature that transforms human images into cartoon masterpieces, offering a variety of styles to choose from.

The AI Coloring tool turns black and white sketches into vibrant, colorful paintings. Furthermore, the Style Morph feature enables users to transform any image into a variety of distinct AI styles.Discover the power of SocialBook Photo Studio's AI tools and ignite your creativity with endless possibilities for your designs.

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Pros and Cons


Free online tool
Wide range of design capabilities
Large library of templates
Platform-specific design sizing
User-friendly design dashboard
Text-to-image transformation
Me-taverse anime-style art conversion
Upscaler for enhanced image resolution
Generative Fill — object removal
Extend Image for custom sizing
Generates compelling visuals
Supports a variety of platforms
Social media kit customization
Extensive creative possibilities
Enables quick design editing
Instant visual generation
Targets influencers and brands
Turns human images into cartoons
Style Morph feature
Automatic gap filling for image resizing
Anime-style art creation
Transforms B&W sketches to colored images


Limited to online use
No API mentioned
No integration with other platforms
No offline version
No customizable interface
May have image upload restrictions
No explicit security features
Possible long processing time
Limited control over image edits


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