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SocialSense is a personal branding platform aimed at enhancing professionals' presence on their LinkedIn profiles. The platform utilizes a content inspiration hub that offers users access to a plethora of industry topics, viral posts, thought canvases and case studies.

These resources are aimed at assisting users to generate quality content for their LinkedIn profiles. The platform also boasts of a unique feature to experiment with different content styles or the option to leverage its AI assistant for autonomous content generation.

Other features include the ability to bookmark idea offerings for future reference and an edit feature for seamless adjustments with a preview option to visualize posts.

More notably, SocialSense integrates with a Chrome Extension that aids users to generate impactful, authoritative comments in a quick manner. This features aims to facilitate more meaningful engagement with other LinkedIn profiles.

A variety of affordable plans are available, allowing users access to multiple features, including content inspiration hub, different platform features, and full access to the Chrome extension.

SocialSense is suitable for individuals and agencies that desire to expand their LinkedIn presence by producing effective and engaging content.


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Pros and Cons


Content inspiration hub
Access to industry topics
Access to viral posts
Provides thought canvases
Includes case studies
Features bookmarking option
Content style experimentation
Autonomous content generation
Seamless post adjustments
Post preview option
Integrated Chrome extension
Generates quick comments
Boosts LinkedIn engagement
Affordable plan options
Suitable for individuals
Suitable for agencies
Enhances Professional networking
Automated personal branding
Fast comment creation
Quick industry content access
Visual post customization
One-click idea save
Access to professional experiences
Linkedin profile enhancement
Laptop and mobile preview
Domain-specific content ideas
Large idea library (10M+)
Versatile style and tone
High-quality comment generation
Aids in authoritativeness
Tailored content strategy
Free trial available
Contains word credits
Contains comment credits
Full access chrome extension
Access to numerous post ideas
Platform feature access


LinkedIn exclusive
Chrome extension reliance
No other social media support
Limited customization options
Autonomous generation quality not guaranteed
Limited content editing
Paid plan necessary for full access
No mobile app version
Potential similar-idea outputs
No robust analytics


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