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Automated optimization of social media content.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered social media tool that helps users generate a 30-day social media content calendar in seconds, enabling them to save time and effort while improving their brand’s social media presence.

The tool automates and optimizes social media content creation, helping users publish frequently and consistently write good content that is effective and gets their audience’s attention. analyzes user behavior, making it easier to personalize content to the audience's liking. The tool also interprets inputs to ensure that the brand's tone is consistent in all content and provides insights into how the brand's voice is perceived by customers. can increase leads and conversions by analyzing customer interactions and engagement on different platforms to predict their preferred mode of communication.

It can also weed out bad leads, study behavioral patterns of previous leads, rank prospects, and boost lead generation, nurture, and conversion. Additionally, can analyze traffic and customer behavior to predict future customer actions and inform targeted marketing strategies, increasing the effectiveness of marketing efforts, improving the customer experience, increasing conversions, and streamlining business processes. is created by digital marketing experts with knowledge of social media nuances and the integral role visuals, captions, hashtags, and consistent posting play in social media success.

Users can subscribe to with different pricing plans, including Lite, Elite, Pro, and Agency subscription, depending on their needs. is trusted and featured on multiple reviewing platforms, such as AppSumo, Capterra, and Software Advice.


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Jul 27, 2023
Super cool app for creating social media content calendars!

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Sococal was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates 30-day social calendar
Automates content creation
Optimizes content
Analyzes user behavior
Personalizes content
Assures brand's tone consistency
Provides brand voice insights
Increases leads and conversions
Predicts customer's preferred communication
Weeds out bad leads
Studies lead behavioral patterns
Rank prospects
Boosts lead generation
Analyzes traffic
Predicts future customer actions
Informs marketing strategies
Streamlines business processes
Built by digital marketing experts
Understands social media nuances
Multiple subscription plans
Featured on reviewing platforms
Creates compelling visual ideas
Reduces marketing costs
Boosts engagement
Reduces social ad spend


Only provides 30-day calendar
Requires personal user behavior analysis
Potential accuracy issues with lead ranking
Unclear bad leads identification process
Uncertain prediction of future actions
Depends heavily on users' input accuracy
Pricing can be expensive
No mentioned support for non-English languages
Requires subscription for full features


What is
How does generate a 30-day social media content calendar?
In what ways can analyze user behavior?
Can help to personalize my content?
How does provide insights on the perception of the brand's voice?
How can boost my lead generation and conversion rates?
Can help weed out bad leads?
How does analyze traffic and customer behavior?
What is the role of in improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts?
What kind of subscription plans does offer?
What are some platforms that have featured
How does help keep a brand's tone consistent across content?
How can increase user engagement on social media?
How does help in advancing targeted marketing strategies?
Can predict future customer actions?
How can using improve the customer experience?
Who created
Does offer a free trial?
How can I purchase a subscription for
Can really help decrease my social media ad spend?

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