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Task and software productivity insights in real-time.
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Socratic is an AI-powered tool that provides real-time insights and productivity intelligence for task management and software development. This tool allows teams to instantly see the health and progress of their work, while making it easier to spot what needs attention and why.

Socratic also provides a true view of team capacity, enabling teams to see where lower workloads can mean less churn and context switching, resulting in more work being delivered.

With an intelligent forecast created from a rich historical record, Socratic takes the guesswork out of due dates, eliminating the need to estimate project durations manually.

Socratic integrates with Git to automate workflows and provide a complete view of code activity and history across all relevant repositories, as well as trends in time to review and merge.

This tool also enables teams to answer critical questions, including whether priorities are on track, where time is being spent, and how they're improving.

With continuous improvement out of the box, Socratic offers prescriptive, actionable intelligence that helps product and engineering teams work better.Socratic is flexible and provides built-in trends features that allow teams to organize their work and objectives based on their needs, while slicing and dicing their data however they require.

Socratic is being used by various top teams who trust its capabilities, and it is now open to all. Overall, Socratic is a powerful way to work better, easier and faster from idea to working software.


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Socratic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 6th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time productivity intelligence
Instant health and progress view
Task status alert system
True view of team capacity
Intelligent forecasting
Eliminates manual project duration estimation
Git integration
Automates workflow
Code activity and history view
Critical question answering
Continuous improvement
Prescriptive actionable intelligence
Flexibility in organizing work
Built-in trends features
Data slicing and dicing
Trusted by top teams
Site-wide health and progress view
Identification of spare and overloaded tasks
Historically accurate projected durations
Highlighting work running long
Trend analysis in code reviews
Improvement tracker
Instant answers for teams
Task due-date prediction
Workload adjustment insights


No mobile app
Limited integration options
Lacks customizable dashboard
No real-time collaboration feature
No offline mode
No task prioritization feature
Non-transparent pricing
No issue tracking feature
No automated reporting option
No multi-language support


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