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Advanced simulations for sales team training.
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Solidroad is a Conversational Training platform specifically designed for Sales Teams. It is an AI-powered role-play tool that simulates sales calls to help sales representatives improve their skills and ultimately drive revenue.

The platform allows reps to practice at their own pace, refine their approach, and receive tailored feedback, resulting in a pitch-perfected team that is well-prepared to maximize deals.Solidroad offers AI-driven conversational training, revolutionizing sales team training with its advanced role-play tool.

By utilizing this tool, sales reps can identify their strengths and weaknesses, receive real-time feedback from the AI coach, and gain confidence for real-life sales situations.

This repetition-based approach helps reps perfect their sales calls.With Solidroad, manual role-playing and expensive sales coaches are no longer necessary.

Sales teams can practice conveniently without needing a partner or coach, saving both time and money. Additionally, the platform provides insights and reporting capabilities, allowing managers to review role-plays and identify coaching opportunities for reps.Solidroad offers different plans tailored to every team size, from individual sales reps to start-ups, SMBs, mid-market companies, and enterprise-level organizations.

Each plan includes various features such as custom roleplay builders, advanced AI feedback, enhanced team reporting, and dedicated support.Overall, Solidroad's Conversational Training platform is a trusted tool that empowers sales teams to improve their skills, gain confidence, and drive revenue through advanced AI role-play simulations.


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