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Medical research and knowledge extraction streamlined.
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SOMA is a research automation platform designed to accelerate medical innovation. It analyzes publicly available medical research articles and extracts important concepts, as well as identifies causal and associative relationships between them.

The extracted information is organized into a specialized database known as a knowledge graph. Researchers can input specific pairs of concepts, and the system retrieves relevant causal chains with customizable lengths.The platform also enhances literature reviews by finding articles relevant to the researcher's specified cause and effect relationships.

It captures documents based on the mechanism of action, allowing users to uncover hidden connections. This feature enables researchers to spend less time organizing reviews and focus more on their own research.SOMA aims to save users up to 80% of the time typically spent on document pre-processing.

By automating the analysis of previously published research, it provides valuable insights for building on existing knowledge and driving research forward.The platform offers a free trial period of 14 days, during which users have full access to its features.

Users can sign up for the trial on the platform's website or contact the SOMA team for further information.SOMA is developed by Cloudcell Limited and is part of the Systematic Objective Meta Analysis (SOMA) project.


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SOMA was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Accelerates medical innovation
Analyses medical research articles
Extracts critical data
Identifies causal relationships
Organizes data into knowledge graph
Customizable causal chain lengths
Enables focused literature reviews
Captures relevant articles
Uncovers hidden connections
Saves up to 80% preprocessing time
Assists in building existing knowledge
Drives individual research
14-day free trial period
Created by established Cloudcell Limited
Efficient document organization
Links to original research articles
Automates complex analysis
Relevant for current researchers
Focused on medical hypothesis testing
Facilitates easy semantic search


No real-time support
14-day limited free trial
Dependent on publicly available research
No multilingual support
Unclear data privacy measures
User interface not specified
No mobile app mentioned
Potential errors in concept extraction
Dependent on literature relevancy
No community or forum support


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Can SOMA help me uncover hidden connections in medical research?
What is the customizable length of causal chains in SOMA?
How can I obtain access to specific research articles in SOMA?
Does SOMA offer a free trial? If so, for how long?
How can I sign up for the SOMA free trial?
Who developed SOMA? And what project is it part of?
How does SOMA contribute to accelerating medical innovation?
How can the SOMA platform help me in organizing and speeding up my reviews?
Can I find articles relevant to my research based on the mechanism of action in SOMA?
Are there any social media or community platforms where I can learn more about SOMA?
How can I contact the SOMA team for further information?
How reliable is the information extracted by SOMA?
Can SOMA help me to spend less time on document pre-processing and focus more on my own research?

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