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Wine recommendations and sales via chatbot.
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sommifyAI is an AI-based tool designed to facilitate wine selection for retail customers. It assumes the role of an AI sommelier, simplifying the process of finding the right wine to pair with a meal or a specific occasion.

The tool does this by posing various questions to the customers to determine their preference, and proposes wines that are already part of the retailer's catalog, thereby enhancing sales potential.

Furthermore, the tool's AI is founded on the extensive wine knowledge of Julie Dupouy, an acclaimed sommelier with over two decades of experience in the industry.

sommifyAI comes in two formats, it can be featured as a popup chat box on any website or app, making it highly accessible and interactive. Alternatively, it can be implemented through API for businesses desiring to create their own visual context for the tool.

Customization options are available for the widget to match brand identity and language to provide a more localized store experience. This tool includes handy features like product feed access for easy integration of the retailer's wine catalog, as well as an API key for simple website implementation.


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