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Efficient employee feedback gathering and analysis.
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Soon Pulse is an AI-powered tool that helps businesses collect and analyze employee feedback. It offers pre-built templates or customizable questions to collect targeted feedback from team members, prompt responses at the end of each shift, and generates detailed reports using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

The AI-generated report provides a comprehensive summary of employee feedback and employs sentiment analysis to understand the emotional tone of the responses.

The tool enables tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure team performance, efficiency, and effectiveness, and provides insights for data-driven decision-making.Soon Pulse enables businesses to streamline their feedback process, reduce manual effort with automation, and ensure accuracy using NLP analysis for advanced insights.

It allows for anonymous responses, encourages open and honest communication, and provides daily and weekly reports. The tool offers pre-built templates for common feedback questions, and fully customizable questions and triggers to tailor the feedback process to meet specific needs.

Employers can view individual responses to gain a deeper understanding of team feedback.Soon Pulse aims to revolutionize the way businesses collect and analyze employee feedback, employing AI technology to automate manual, time-consuming feedback processes.

Additionally, it helps businesses improve employee well-being through proactive mental health check-ins and empowers managers to stay ahead of operational issues.


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Pros and Cons


Pre-built feedback templates
Customizable feedback questions
Shift-end feedback prompts
Sentiment analysis
Tracks KPIs
Data-driven insights
Automates feedback collection
Reduces manual effort
Ensures accuracy with NLP
Anonymous responses
Open and honest communication
Daily and weekly reports
Proactive mental health check-ins
Targets operational issues
Efficient feedback process
Customizable triggers
Individual response viewing
Real-time team visibility
Increased efficiency with automation
Reduced manual data entry
Detailed data analysis
One-stop-shop for insights
Automated generation of summaries
Tailored feedback process
Non-anonymous response option
Pre-built question templates
Employee well-being tracking
Insights into strengths and weaknesses
Proactive issue resolution
Language preferences support
Easy tool setup
Operational improvements tracking
Secure data handling
Offers free trial


Lacks third-party integration options
May have language processing limitations
No offline functionality
No availability of mobile app
Pulse questions might be restrictive
Potential user privacy concerns
Lacks real-time feedback
No multi-language support
Report analysis customization unclear
Only daily and weekly reports


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How does Soon Pulse contribute to employee well-being?
How can Soon Pulse help improve business operations?
How does Soon Pulse utilize AI in feedback processes?
Does Soon Pulse offer any pre-built templates for feedback?
What type of performance indicators can be tracked using Soon Pulse?
Does Soon Pulse support daily and weekly feedback reports?
Can individual responses be viewed in Soon Pulse?
How does Soon Pulse help identify operational issues?
Can Soon Pulse analyze sentiments from employee feedback?
How can Soon Pulse help in making data-driven decisions?
Is there a trial period for using Soon Pulse?
How can Soon Pulse help in improving team's mental health?
Does Soon Pulse allow anonymous feedback?

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