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Understand your Twitter audience with our complete followers database.
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SortBird is an AI-based analytical tool specially designed for Twitter users to gain deep insights from their followers and to better understand their audience.

The primary function of the tool is to create a comprehensive database of Twitter followers; it does so by requesting users to link their Twitter accounts which it monitors and builds a database from.

Once the database is ready, users are notified by email and have the ability to check their account statistics, which are updated regularly. The platform emphasizes on providing detailed, meaningful analytics, as opposed to just raw numbers.

The tool allows users to discern their most successful tweets and dedicated followers, fostering deeper and long lasting relationships with them. Moreover, it revitalizes relationships that have stagnated over time.

As a result, SortBird contribues to the development of a robust followers database that moves past superficial metrics and uncovers quality insights about user's audience.

It offers accessibility through monthly subscriptions that come with a variety of benefits including daily database updates, extensive followers data, report exporting features and priority support.


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SortBird was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 12th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive Twitter followers database
Analyzes audience insights
Discerns successful tweets
Highlights dedicated followers
Fosters deeper relationships
Revitalizes stagnated relationships
Emphasis on quality insights
Email notifications for updates
Report exporting features
Priority support available
Subscription basis accessibility
Resilient follower relationship management
Data visualization capabilities
Regularly updated account statistics
Customer behavior analysis
Offers audience engagement
Audience profiling functionality
Detailed analytics over raw numbers
Extensive followers data
Daily database updates


Only for Twitter analysis
Requires account linkage
No real-time data
Only email notifications
No raw data analysis
Limited free version
Lack of multi-platform support


What is SortBird?
How does SortBird work?
What is SortBird's primary function?
How does SortBird create a database of Twitter followers?
How often does SortBird update its databases?
What kind of analytics does SortBird provide?
How does SortBird help identify successful tweets and dedicated followers?
How does SortBird assist in revitalizing relationships with Twitter followers?
What is the cost of SortBird's monthly subscription?
What are the benefits of SortBird's subscription?
Can I export reports from SortBird?
What kind of insights about my Twitter audience can I get from SortBird?
Does SortBird offer a demo or free trial period?
How do I add my Twitter account to SortBird?
Is SortBird accessible to individual Twitter users or only businesses?
Does SortBird provide statistics about user's audience demographics?
How is SortBird different from other Twitter analytics tools?
What is the turnaround time for a complete database build on SortBird?
Does SortBird have a priority support system for its users?
How does data visualization work in SortBird?


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