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Soundraw is an AI music generator that helps creators to produce custom music for their projects. It is a powerful tool for creating music from scratch or customizing existing songs to fit the needs of your project.

Users can choose from a variety of genres, moods, and lengths to generate custom music. With the help of Soundraw, creators can produce music without worrying about copyright strikes or spending extra hours searching for the perfect song.

The service also offers a personal plan with a yearly subscription of $16.99/month and a monthly plan with a subscription of $19.99/month. The plans come with unlimited song generation, bookmarking, and up to 50 songs per day downloads.

Moreover, they include a royalty-free license for all content that can be used for Youtube, Social Media, TV, movies, web ads, corporate videos, live broadcasting, podcasts, radio programs and ads, guided meditations, audio books, music streaming, games, apps, NFT, store BGM, and events.

The license is permanent and users keep their rights to use the songs even after they unsubscribe.


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Soundraw was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 27th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates custom music
Variety of genres
Different moods selection
Adjustable music lengths
Copyright strike worry-free
Affordable subscription plans
Unlimited song generation
Bookmarking feature
Download up to 50 songs/day
Royalty-free license included
License usable on various platforms
Permanent license
Rights maintained post-unsubscription
Song customization
Music editing in clicks
Intro and chorus position changeable
Match video and song
Avoids extra hours song search
Suitable for Youtube & social media
Useful for corporate videos
Applicable in web ads
Songs for TV & radio commercials
For broadcasting programs & movies
Great for games & apps
NFT compatible
Enhances store BGM
Ideal for events
Perfect for podcast creation
Beneficial for radio programs & ads
Optimal for guided meditations
Ideal for audio books
Music streaming enabled
Soundraw usable on 1 device/account
Personal & commercial use
High content reach no extra cost
All-inclusive license
Modern UI
User-friendly interface
Detailed FAQ section
Available tutorials
Option to save songs
Download history available
and signup options
Priority customer support
Annual and monthly plans
Download limit during free trial
No hidden charges
Secure payment methods
Easy account creation
Compatibilty with Adobe Plugin
Multiple language support


Limited to 1 device
No free downloads
Limited to 50 downloads/day
No free commercial use
Requires subscription for features
No multi-language support
No clear API connector
Limited customization options
No provided music editing


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Is the music from Soundraw royalty-free?
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If I unsubscribe from Soundraw, can I still use the songs?
Is there a free trial option for Soundraw?
Can I use a single Soundraw account on multiple devices?
How can I edit music with Soundraw?
Can I add my own vocals or instruments to songs generated by Soundraw?
How can Soundraw help me avoid copyright strikes on Youtube?
What kind of content can I use Soundraw's music for?
How can I bookmark songs on Soundraw?
What are the payment methods accepted by Soundraw?


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