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TLDL (Too Long Didn't Listen) is an AI tool that transforms spoken conversations into tangible insights and solutions. It aims to provide a more natural alternative to writing by allowing users to record and capture details of their valuable thoughts and ideas, either alone or with others.

The tool supports conversations in 99 languages. One of the key features of TLDL is the ability to obtain detailed summaries and insights from conversations, helping users cut through the noise and focus on the core content.

These summaries can be shared with others, amplifying the user's voice and facilitating collaboration. Additionally, users have the option to save or delete conversations as per their privacy preferences.TLDL is an experiment by Spacebar, situated at the intersection of AI and culture.

It is a voice-to-text tool designed to capture daily conversations and ideas. The focus is on making it accessible and user-friendly, with the intention of being made free for everyone in the future.

The tool’s development is ongoing, indicated by the version number (V0.4.8) mentioned in the description.For further information or support, users can connect with Spacebar through their Twitter handle or email support.

TLDL offers a promising solution for individuals seeking an AI-powered tool to transcribe and summarize spoken conversations, enhancing productivity and communication.


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Spacebar was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Supports 99 languages
Detailed conversation summaries
Insights from conversations
Shareable conversation summaries
Choice to save/delete conversations
Free to use
Voice-to-text functionality
Designed for daily use
Excellent for collaboration
Promotes privacy
Accessible and user-friendly
Continuous updates and support
Feedback is encouraged
Social media integration
Email support available
Cuts through noise
Private by default
Allows recording conversations
Recording can be shared
Aids in productivity and communication
Transforms spoken conversations to insights
Targets individuals and collaborators
Enhances user's voice
Experimenting with free models
Helps in capturing thoughts


Only supports spoken conversations
Possible privacy concerns
Developing stage, possible bugs
Supports only via Twitter, Email
Unstable given continues versioning
Not free yet
Unclear language handling
Lacks usability details
Limited collaboration functionalities
Forecasts for text output unclear


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What is the current version of TLDL?
How can I get support for TLDL?
How can TLDL enhance productivity and communication?
Is TLDL only for transcribing or can it do more than that?
Are my conversation records private in TLDL?
Can TLDL work with any conversation apps?
Can TLDL provide insights from my conversations?
In what scenarios can I effectively use TLDL?
How can TLDL turn my conversations into tangible insights and solutions?
How does TLDL amplify my voice?
How can I provide feedback on TLDL?

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