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Real estate site analysis and market selection.
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Spatialzr is an AI-powered tool that provides site selection and market analysis for real estate development and investment across Europe. The tool utilizes a data-based algorithm called LISALISA (Location Intelligence Spatial Analytics) to enhance and learn from data.

With Spatialzr, users can gain major location insights, access environmental and competitor information, and find the most suitable locations for their businesses.

The tool also offers a matching engine to display property intentions and match them with offers or demand.The functionality of Spatialzr includes providing turnkey geographic data for informed real estate development decisions, mapping interfaces for accurate geographic analysis, advanced analytics for site selection and optimal location decisions, and a matching engine to find tenants and opportunities.

Spatialzr is designed to evaluate the territorial impact of strategic decisions, making it valuable for users, property owners, and investors.The tool operates by analyzing thousands of user geographical presences and collecting, merging, and refining spatial, demographic, and stock data.

It uses machine learning to convert geographic data into ready-to-use real estate data through automated statistical processing.Overall, Spatialzr offers a comprehensive set of functionalities for site analysis, comparable analysis, competitor analysis, portfolio analysis, and optimal location analysis.

It aims to assist users in finding the perfect location for their development and investment needs.


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Pros and Cons


Location analysis for real-estate
Market analysis capabilities
Inclusive European scope
LISALISA data-based algorithm
Provides major location insights
Incorporates environmental data
Provides competitor information
Intelligent site selection
Offers matching engine
Displays property intentions
Impacts strategy territorially
Turnkey geographic data
Mapping interfaces available
Advanced analytics feature
Optimal location suggestions
Evaluates strategic decisions
User behaviour learning
Analyzes geographical presences
Refined location data analytics
Automated statistical processing
Site analysis functionalities
Comparable analysis capabilities
Competition analysis provisions
Portfolio analysis feature
Millions of location data
Range of user categories
Tenant matching capabilities
Integrated spatial data
Demographic data incorporation
Stock data utilization
Acquisition analysis features
Best-use analysis tools
Data visualization tools
Designed for real-estate sector
Helps reduce investment risks
Access suitable location analysis
Option to make deals


Limited to European markets
No real-time data update
Matching engine ambiguity
Dependent on quality of user geographical presence
Requires frequent data sample updates
No Android or iOS app
Ambiguous statistical processing
Predictions heavily reliant on machine learning
Limited analytic metrics
Overdependence on algorithm LISALISA


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How can Spatialzr assist property owners?
How does Spatialzr assist investors?
Can Spatialzr analyze competitor information?
What insights can Spatialzr provide about a property's location?
How does Spatialzr use machine learning in real estate data processing?
What is the territorial impact that Spatialzr helps evaluate?
Does Spatialzr provide analytics for site selection and optimal location decisions?
Can Spatialzr provide turnkey geographic data for real estate development decisions?
What functionalities does Spatialzr offer for site analysis?
Can Spatialzr handle portfolio analysis?
Who would be the typical users of Spatialzr?
How does Spatialzr assist in reducing investment risks?
How does Spatialzr help in mapping and geographical analysis?
Does Spatialzr offer a free demo for users?

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