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Personalized spoken language practice.
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Speaking Club AI is an AI-powered language learning tool designed to help users improve their speaking skills in foreign languages. It provides a personalized AI language partner that users can practice conversations with, anytime and anywhere.

The tool currently supports Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Danish, and users can register and login to start speaking today. With its AI capabilities, Speaking Club AI is able to provide a customized learning experience tailored to each user’s proficiency level and interests.

It can identify areas of improvement and suggest relevant topics for conversation, as well as provide feedback to help users further refine their language skills.


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Speakingclubai was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Personalized spoken language practice
Available anytime, anywhere
Supports multiple languages
Customized learning experience
Identifies areas of improvement
Suggests relevant topics
Provides feedback for refinement
User-friendly registration and login
Tailors to proficiency level


Limited language support
No mobile app
Missing advanced analytics
No community interaction
Potential proficiency misjudgement
Limited topic suggestions
No live tutoring
No transcript recording
No multi-user functionality


What is Speaking Club AI?
How can Speaking Club AI help improve speaking skills?
Who can use Speaking Club AI?
What languages does Speaking Club AI support?
How does Speaking Club AI customize the learning experience?
What type of feedback does Speaking Club AI provide?
What improvements can Speaking Club AI suggest?
How can I register for Speaking Club AI?
How does Speaking Club AI identify areas of improvement?
Can you use Speaking Club AI anywhere and anytime?
Is Speaking Club AI a standalone learning tool or can it be used alongside other methods?
How does Speaking Club AI use AI capabilities to enhance language learning?
What topics for conversation does Speaking Club AI provide?
How does Speaking Club AI work in refining language skills?
Is Speaking Club AI available for beginners in language learning?
Can Speaking Club AI cater to advanced language learners?
What level of language proficiency is required to use Speaking Club AI?
Does Speaking Club AI require any additional hardware or software to operate?
Does Speaking Club AI support dialects or just standard languages?
Is there a limitation to how much I can use Speaking Club AI per day?

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