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Turn rambles into perfect speech
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Create perfect script and audio for your video. 10x faster than everyone else.

SpeakPerfect turns your fuzzy thoughts into great script and audio using AI. With SpeakPerfect, you no longer need to spend hours write down the script before making a video. Simply bring your idea and start talking, and make any kind of mistakes. Once you finish recording, SpeakPerfect will transform your content into well-organized, engaging content that you can directly use for your video.

Just start talking and create perfect script and audio in one shot.

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Sep 26, 2023
I use this tool a lot for content marketing. It allows me to just focus on my idea without worrying about the minor details. The script rewrite feature is pretty impressive!
Sep 21, 2023
I love how it turns my rambles into awesome text. Previously had to write the whole damn script before creating my demo video but now I can just say whatever I want and get nice results.
Sep 20, 2023
Very handy tool. Easy to use. A life saver for my video-making projects

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Pros and Cons


Enhanced professional-grade audio recordings
Supports upload or direct speaking
Optimized for voiceover work
User community for creators
Chat feature for support
Feature requests from users
Effortless audio enhancement
Transforms raw recordings
Applicable for online courses
Ongoing development and improvement
Browser based microphone access
Social media integration
Clean, polished audio output
Audio file size up to 25MB
Future support for larger files
Clear instructions for use
Designed for non-professionals
Aims for flawless audio
Artificial intelligence optimization
Interactive user engagement
Professional audio in one shot


Limited file size support
Requires microphone access
No offline functionality
Minimum duration requirement
No simultaneous multiple file processing
No API for integration
Dependent on user community for improvements
Possibly intrusive chat feature
Restricted to English language
Doesn't support all audio formats


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