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Web automation, simplified.
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Speck is a web automation platform featuring artificial intelligence. It's designed to simplify the process of extracting web data through automated processes.

Users initiate the process by recording their workflow, and then Speck takes over the task. Speck sets itself apart by having the ability to learn from users' workflows and intelligently extract the specific data from websites.

This is achieved by users defining how the automation should initiate and what data should be extracted. Once configured, Speck can run either synchronously in the browser or asynchronously in a secure remote browser.One of the fundamental strengths of this tool is its self-repair feature.

When website elements or entire pages undergo changes, Speck can automatically update the system to maintain continued successful automation. Also, if an unexpected workflow arises, Speck can automatically adjust so that operations are not interrupted.

Several features enhance its capabilities, including custom workflow automation, web data supercharging, smart browser navigation, form filling, interactive web tutorials, and task scheduling.

This broad range of functionalities effectively delivers a dependable and robust AI copilot, designed to handle various online tasks. Speck is a flexible tool that accommodates the specific needs and practices of organizations or individual users.

Instead of availing prefabricated workflows, users can create and define their own workflows, making it a practical and adaptable solution.


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Speck was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 4th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Custom workflow automation
Web data supercharging
Smart browser navigation
Interactive web tutorials
Dynamic task scheduling
Automatic form filling
Self-repair feature
Runs synchronously or asynchronously
Adaptable to site changes
Intelligent data extraction
Able to learn workflows
Can handle various tasks
Flexible for individual needs
Remote browser operation
Guides through complex tasks
Dynamic task scheduling
Specific workflow creation
Built by top engineers


Requires initial user setup
Possible error in self-repair
Potential auto-fill inefficiency
Dependent on user workflow
Limited pre-existing workflows
Complexity in large tasks
No mention of security
Lacks multi-platform support
Unknown response to new pages
Might struggle with complex forms


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Can I define my own workflows in Speck?
What do you mean by 'Web automation, simplified'?
What are the benefits of using Speck's web data supercharging feature?
How does Speck handle changes in website elements or pages?
Can Speck adjust to unexpected workflows?
What is meant by 'smart browser navigation'?
How does interactive web tutorials work in Speck?
How is Speck different from other web automation tools?
What kind of organizations or individual users can benefit from Speck?

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