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Tailored business coaching and planning solution.
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Spective is an AI tool that aims to make business coaching accessible and enhance sustainable business development. The tool begins by listening to your unique story and then generates a highly tailored Pitch Deck and other business planning tools.

It offers an AI-led chat where you can discuss your vision and strategy, receive challenging questions, and get inspiring suggestions.The main features of Spective include an AI-generated Pitch Deck and Elevator Pitch, complete with voice-over scripts and strategies to pitch with confidence.

It also provides a 360-degree evaluation, analyzing your idea from 20 perspectives to reveal both the potential and risks. The tool offers a roadmap tailored to your next goal, providing actionable steps, tasks, tips, and success criteria.Spective has trained its AI using the expertise of experienced business coaches to ensure the highest quality.

They claim to have elevated over 250 entrepreneurs and have received positive feedback from clients who found the tool helpful in structuring their thoughts and creating the perfect Pitch Deck.Spective takes the protection of intellectual property seriously and ensures client confidentiality.

They encrypt all shared data, comply with data protection regulations such as GDPR, implement strict access controls, and have measures in place to maintain data security.Overall, Spective aims to assist entrepreneurs in turning their business ideas into reality by leveraging AI for tailored business planning tools and coaching.


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Oct 27, 2023
It helped me think out my business idea. And generated some useful stuff, great!

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