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Speech to Note is an AI-powered tool designed to transform spoken words into summaries. It uses advanced voice-to-text technology and AI algorithms to condense lengthy audio recordings into concise, meaningful summaries at just a click of the button.

This tool simplifies the process of note-taking and summarization, thus helping users focus on key points in any given audio content. Apart from basic transcript provision, the application also offers customizable styles allowing users to shape outputs based on their preferences.

It offers different summary formats such as LinkedIn posts, formal emails, minutes of meetings (MOM), and many more. Users can even adjust the terminology and style of the summaries to better align with their needs.

Additionally, Speech to Note has a feature for tagging and time constraints to capture ideas, further helping in organizing and managing the content. It currently supports English language summaries only, promising to soon include other languages.

Lastly, all summarized texts are fully editable, providing users with complete control over the final output.


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Feb 21, 2024
As a multitasking solution, it's a fantastic productivity booster for anyone juggling multiple projects. Speech to Note is a must-try for creators looking to optimize their workflow and bring their ideas to life with ease. Cheers to the team.
Feb 21, 2024
Been using SpeechToNote for a while now, and it's truly transformed the way I capture my thoughts during meetings and team discussions. The convenience of speaking naturally and having my words accurately transcribed has allowed me to stay fully engaged in conversations, while ensuring I don't miss a single important point. There are also a ton of output formats to choose from, so my notes can be turned into an email in just a click. Beyond the tool itself, what stands out is the team behind it – they are incredibly responsive and genuinely value user feedback. It's refreshing to see a tech team so committed to improving their product to meet the users' needs. Honestly, I couldn't imagine my work routine without SpeechToNote now.
Feb 20, 2024
I have been extensively utilizing Speech to Note for creating daily task lists and generating technical documentation for development projects. The application's ease of use and preset formats, particularly the technical preset, streamline the typically tedious process of documenting code and project details. I would recommend Speech to Note for its effectiveness in converting spoken words into organized written content, not just for developers but also for content creators seeking to enhance productivity and documentation quality. PS:- I wrote this using STN :)
Feb 20, 2024
I'm currently using Speech to Note for multiple purposes like academic research paper making, quick notes recording for development related feedbacks and it's generating supercool responses that exactly matches my requirements, it's the best AI tools in voice space
Feb 20, 2024
Productivity has gone 10X for a "voice-notes nerd" like me.

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Pros and Cons


Transforms speech to summaries
Advanced voice-to-text technology
Simplifies note-taking process
Customizable output styles
Offers different summary formats
Adjustable terminology and style
Tagging feature for ideas
Time constraint features
Fully editable summaries
Supports English language
Promises multi-language support soon
Quick summary generation
Detailed definite audio limit
Customizable summary preferences
App functionality
Built for speed
Efficient summarization
Customizable styles
Multiple outputs (emails, posts)
Post-editing capability
Instant transcription
Content tagging system
Planned language expansion
User reviews featured
Different use cases explored


Only supports English
No offline functionality
Limited to 15-minute audio
Lacks multiple language support
No mention of API availability
No data security details
Limited output format customization
No speech model training available
Limited tool integrations
Unclear transcription accuracy


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How can I shape the output based on my preferences in Speech to Note?
Can I adjust the terminology of the summaries in Speech to Note?
How does Speech to Note help in organizing and managing my content?
Is the content generated by Speech to Note fully editable?
How do I adjust the style of the summaries to my needs in Speech to Note?
How can Speech to Note help me focus on key points in any audio content?
Which languages will Speech to Note add in the future other than English?

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