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Resemble AI - Real-time Speech-to-Speech Voice Conversion

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Transform your voice into another within seconds.
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Resemble AI's voice tool encompasses a real-time AI voice generator for speech-to-speech voice conversion. It facilitates the transformation of a user's voice into a different voice within a short timeframe.

The offering includes a feature named Rapid Voice Cloning, which allows users to record or upload their voice data to create an AI-generated equivalent.

It also supports localization where users can build synthetic voices in over 60 languages. The tool significantly simplifies audio editing with its Neural Audio Editing feature, which utilizes synthetic voices.

Its infrastructure allows for integration into users' own systems for convenience and data security. The API enables programmatic content creation using generated synthetic voices.

Resemble AI's tool also includes features for real-time audio deepfake detection, AI watermarking, and customizable AI voices for voice assistants. Additionally, it can generate real-time text-to-speech for gaming characters and has usage in industries such as entertainment, advertising, call-centers, and audiobooks.

It also prioritizes ethics in its operations. Integrating into applications is simple, with APIs available for real-time AI voice generation and WebRTC real-time voice conversion.

Primarily afforded by its real-time speech-to-speech engine, the tool can capture every nuance of speech, seamlessly combining with text-to-speech to create unique human-like vocalizations.


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Feb 28, 2024
well this sparked my interest! having parents with hearing aids, maybe this'll help them fine tune what they hear. i for one was impressed on how sensitive it was on picking up voices and how clear they sounded without the noise
Feb 28, 2024
is there any way we can have a one time test to see how it functions? STS sounds like a great tool for accessibility purposes

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Pros and Cons


Real-time voice conversion
Voice cloning feature
API and Integrations
Localization in 60+ languages
Audio editing simplification
Neural Audio Editing feature
Secure data infrastructure
Programmatic content creation
Audio deepfake detection
Real-time text-to-speech for games
Multi-industry usage
Ethics prioritization
Easy application integration
WebRTC real-time voice conversion
Capture nuances of speech
Text-to-speech integration
Easy sign-in and demo
Pay-as-you-go plan
Android and IOS support
Convenient user system integration
Unity integration
Call center application
Smart assistant functionality
Advertisement use
Entertainment application
Audiobook usage


May lack privacy
Potential misuse of voices
Over-reliance on connectivity
Realistic voices may confuse
Limited customization to voices
Language constraints for localization
Time-consuming voice clones creation
Pay-as-you-go can get expensive
May require technical expertise
Potential for unethical usage


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