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Turned text into cross-platform synthetic voices.
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SpeechEasy is a text-to-speech tool designed to convert text into audio. It uses the power of AI and machine learning to generate high-quality synthetic voices that are easy to understand and consume.

SpeechEasy also supports cross-platform usage, allowing users to generate and listen to audio voice files on both desktop and mobile devices. It features nearly a dozen high-quality synthetic voices, a simple and intuitive interface, and a privacy-first approach to ensure the security of personal information.

SpeechEasy also offers a free version, as well as an Enterprise option. SpeechEasy is perfect for anyone looking for an easy to use synthetic voice solution for presentations, e-Learning content, marketing, publishing, and more.

SpeechEasy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 21st 2023.
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Jul 4, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Cross-platform support
Nearly dozen high-quality voices
Intuitive interface
Privacy-first approach
Free version available
Enterprise option
Suitable for presentations
Ideal for e-Learning
Useful for marketing
Applicable for publishing
Mobile listening support
Regular addition of voices
Minimal personal info retained
Easy to get started
Flexible pricing options
Studio grade synthetic voices
Consistent audio quality
Works on-the-go
Ideal for voice overs
Supports different use cases
Privacy and security emphasis


Limited number of voices
Requires network connection
No offline functionality
Limited free version
Enterprise pricing not disclosed
No API mentioned
Lack of voice customization
No multilingual support mentioned


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Is there a free version of SpeechEasy?
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Can SpeechEasy be used for presentations and e-Learning content?
What are some of the use cases SpeechEasy can support?
Does SpeechEasy support voiceovers for marketing videos?
Can SpeechEasy improve the audio quality of learning materials?
Does SpeechEasy offer an audio service for publishing?
Can I listen to SpeechEasy-created audio files on-the-go?
How does SpeechEasy manage high-definition voice creation?
What is SpeechEasy's approach to pricing?
Where can I contact Sales for the Enterprise package of SpeechEasy?
How often does SpeechEasy add new synthetic voices?
What is the quality of the synthetic voices produced by SpeechEasy?
Can I start using SpeechEasy for free?

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