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Instantly transform any text to speech that sounds 100% realistic.
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Speechelo is an AI-empowered text-to-speech converter that seamlessly translates written contents into human-like voiceovers. This tool has an intuitive engine that includes over 30 male and female voices, adding inflections to your text-to-speech products for an added touch of authenticity.

The versatility of Speechelo is showcased by its ability to create voiceovers in 24 languages including English, Mandarin, Spanish and others, making it suitable for a global user base.

In addition, the tool provides a choice of three reading tones: normal, joyful, and serious, catering to various contexts. Furthermore, Speechelo is compatible with prominent video creation software such as Camtasia, Adobe Premier, Animaker, and Powtoon, offering you flexibility in your creative process.

Key benefits include saving on cost and time associated with hiring professional voiceover artists and recording studios, and is a much-improved alternative to robotic text-to-speech services.

The easy-to-use platform requires only a few clicks, to input text, select a preferred voice and language, and generate the voiceover. Developers have found its applications beneficial for creating voiceovers for sales videos, training videos, and educational content.

Speechelo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 26th 2022.
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Mar 24, 2024
Their Advertisment is very very deceiving. They advertise for a one time fee for life time free access. but after purchase you will realise that most functionalities need a Pro account. for which you need to pay a monthly subscription fee. The voices sound so mechanical and based on the current market condition many free tools can do the job even better. they have not released any update to the voices. This tool may soon go down the memory lane with many other new and better tools being available for free and even lower price.
Aug 3, 2023
They deceive - they advertise functionalities that turn out to be in the Pro version, which again has to be purchased. For some languages, the voices are quite old and sound robotic.

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Pros and Cons


Realistic sounding voices
30+ male and female voices
24 different language options
Voice customization (breathing sounds, pauses, tones)
Adds punctuation for natural sound
3 Click usability
Cost-effective alternative to voiceover artists
Time saving tool
Compatible with video creation software
Convenient online platform
Employs inflections for authenticity
Broad language range covers global user base
Combines cost and time efficient solution
Exists as an improved alternative to robotic TTS services
Simple interface and ease of use
Adjustable reading tones (normal, joyful, serious)
Useful for sales, training, educational videos
Supports 700 words per voiceover
Offers professional voices replacement
No download or install required
Cloud-based solution
Free auto updates
No limitations on voiceover creations
Optional PRO version upgrade
Change speed and pitch of voice
Male, Female, Child voices


Limited to 700 words
Extra cost for Pro version
Cloud-based, needs internet connection
No offline version
Limited voice inflections
May struggle with complicated texts
No mention of security
Doesn't offer a free trial
Works only in 24 languages
Only 30 voices available


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