Text to speech 22 Feb 2023
Converts speech to text and analyzes emotions.

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SPEECH InteLLECT is an AI-focused text-to-speech and speech-to-text solution that works in real-time. It uses a mathematical theory called “SenseTheory”, which looks at the sense of each word pronounced by the client.

The Speech-To-Text engine is divided into two parts. The first part defines the emotion and tone and the second part translates the voice into text with a semantic component.

The Text-To-Speech engine uses a sense-to-sense algorithm to reproduce text with a voice with intonation and a certain tonality. The Combined Solutions feature allows users to automate their work by 99.9% by pre-writing short work scenarios.

This solution uses Cloud Computing, Amorphous Encryption, and Flexibility. The Cloud Computing uses a set of algorithms that reside in a private cloud.

Amorphous Encryption provides a high degree of security and Flexibility allows users to customize their work scenarios. SPEECH InteLLECT is offered by Arllecta, a company with offices in Singapore, the UK, and the US.


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