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Converts speech to text and analyzes emotions.
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SPEECH InteLLECT is an AI-focused text-to-speech and speech-to-text solution that works in real-time. It uses a mathematical theory called “SenseTheory”, which looks at the sense of each word pronounced by the client.

The Speech-To-Text engine is divided into two parts. The first part defines the emotion and tone and the second part translates the voice into text with a semantic component.

The Text-To-Speech engine uses a sense-to-sense algorithm to reproduce text with a voice with intonation and a certain tonality. The Combined Solutions feature allows users to automate their work by 99.9% by pre-writing short work scenarios.

This solution uses Cloud Computing, Amorphous Encryption, and Flexibility. The Cloud Computing uses a set of algorithms that reside in a private cloud.

Amorphous Encryption provides a high degree of security and Flexibility allows users to customize their work scenarios. SPEECH InteLLECT is offered by Arllecta, a company with offices in Singapore, the UK, and the US.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time operation
SenseTheory-based analysis
Two-part Speech-To-Text engine
Determines emotion and tone
Translates voice into text
Adds semantic component
Text-To-Speech has intonation
Certain voice tonality
Combined Solutions feature
99.9% work automation
Customizable work scenarios
Uses Cloud Computing
High-speed private cloud
Confirms to data laws
Uses Amorphous Encryption
Absence of private keys
Guaranteed users' data security
Offers flexibility
Supports various business cases
Generates humanoid voice
Differentiates age, gender, emotion
Engages friendly dialogue
Enterprise-level application
Global cloud presence


Requires high-speed internet for Cloud
Dependent on SenseTheory accuracy
Limited customization options
Prone to semantic inaccuracies
Limited emotion and tone definitions
Limited tonality representations
Requires secure data handling
Requires work scenarios' pre-writing
Data stored in multiple locations
Amorphous Encryption implementation-dependant


How does SPEECH InteLLECT's text to speech functionality work?
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What's the advantage of using SPEECH InteLLECT's Text-To-Speech feature?
Can SPEECH InteLLECT be used to automate work processes?
What is the role of Cloud Computing in SPEECH InteLLECT's functionality?
What does 'Amorphous Encryption' mean in the context of SPEECH InteLLECT?
In what ways can the 'Flexibility' feature benefit SPEECH InteLLECT users?
Who is the provider of SPEECH InteLLECT?
How can this tool be beneficial to businesses?
What industries can benefit from SPEECH InteLLECT?
What is the 'sense to sense' algorithm used by SPEECH InteLLECT?
Can the voice produced by Text-To-Speech adapt to different tones and intonations?
What makes SPEECH InteLLECT unique from other similar AI solutions?
What are the potential security features of SPEECH InteLLECT?
Is it possible to customize SPEECH InteLLECT to fit specific business scenarios?
How does the Combined Solutions feature contribute to work automation?
What happens to user data and how is it protected in SPEECH InteLLECT?


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