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Transforming speech into text effortlessly.
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Speechnotes is a web-based tool specializing in transforming speech to text. Its primary function is to transcribe audio and video recordings accurately and efficiently, making it a useful tool for professionals, authors, and students who prefer dictating their notes and work over typing.

Beyond transcription, Speechnotes provides additional features, including voice commands for punctuation and formatting, automatic capitalization, and the easy importing and exporting of files, for an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Users can dictate their notes in real-time or upload their recordings for automatic transcription. Along with the tool's core web-based platform, it also offers complementary tools including a Voice Typing Chrome extension for dictation across various web forms, a Transcription API and Webhooks for sending files and receiving transcriptions, and integration with Zapier for automation.

Speechnotes also has Android and iOS applications available for mobile use, offering flexible usage options. Additionally, Speechnotes provides tools for converting audio and video formats and extracting audio from video files.

It also suggests sister apps for text-to-speech and live captioning purposes.


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Pros and Cons


Web-based platform
Transcription of audio/video
Real-time dictation
Records auto upload
Voice commands for punctuation
Automatic capitalization
File import/export
Chrome extension for voice typing
Transcription API & Webhooks
Zapier integration
Mobile applications(iOS, Android)
Audio & Video format conversion
Audio extraction from video
Text-to-Speech sister app
Live captioning sister app
Professional/Academic use
Author-friendly tools
Distraction-free environment
Built-in productivity tools
Works online in Chrome
No download/installation required
Clean & efficient design
Encourages clear thinking
Supports creative process
Quick and accurate transcription
Secure and private
High accuracy in English
Super fast operation
Private and secure
Health advantages over typing
Very affordable transcription service
Support from development team
Ads-free premium version
Includes timestamps in transcription
Generates captions .srt files
Provides transcribe for YouTubes
Speech recognition by Google & Microsoft
Transcribe phone calls/voice messages
Speaker diarization in English
Text indexing for audio archives
Automatic transcription for recordings
Supports transcribing from Google Drive
Supports enlarge audience for Podcasters


Requires reliable internet connection
Dependent on browser or OS dictation
Requires additional apps for some features
Ads in free version
Extra cost for ad-free version
Doesn't store transcriptions or dictations
Security dependent on external platforms
Third-party cookies for advertising
External payment methods only
HIPAA compliant transcription not guaranteed

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