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Speedy is a digital content marketing solution that offers SEO-optimized blog posts to help businesses drive targeted traffic and increase their online presence.

The tool writes content for businesses and provides well-curated blog and social media content focused on driving traffic to the business. The tool offers a flexible pricing model that includes different package options, including four blogs, four Twitter posts, four Instagram posts, four LinkedIn posts, and four Facebook posts, along with branding workshops, SEO optimization, web traffic analysis, and annual digital content strategy.

Additionally, Speedy offers a custom plan for businesses who require bespoke content creation tailored to specific needs.Users can edit the content created, and Speedy takes edits as a learning opportunity to improve the style and tone for future content deliveries.

The engagement also allows users to keep their social media followers engaged while riding the latest trends or topics relevant to their business. The tool offers AI-powered content solutions, and customers can contact the Speedy team for support and to learn about privacy policies, cookie policies, terms of service, and more.

Overall, Speedy provides businesses with a fast and reliable way to improve their online presence, and users appreciate the quality, affordability, and simplicity of the tool.


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Speedy was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


SEO-optimized blog posts
Social media content creation
Flexible pricing model
Package options
Branding workshops
SEO optimization
Web traffic analysis
Annual digital content strategy
Custom plan options
Content editable by users
Learning opportunity for improved style
Latest trends/topics relevant content
Customer support available
Newsletter subscription
High-conversion ad copies
Google, Facebook, Instagram ad content
Grow brand organically
Multiple customer touch points
Tied with big investors (YCombinator)
Fast and reliable solution
Curated blog and social media content
Tailored content creation


No free trial
Limited social media platforms
Edits needed for content
No real-time updates
No subscription cancellations
No refund policy
No multi-language support
No built-in analytics tool
Limited package options
No automated content scheduling


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How can I contact Speedy for support?
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