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A design generator using a vast image library.
Generated by ChatGPT

SplashAI is a tool designed to help designers generate ideas quickly and efficiently. It is a Figma plugin, search engine, and AI image generator all in one.

The search engine allows users to search through millions of images that have been generated by other designers, giving them access to a vast library of ideas.

The AI image generator can be used to generate images in response to specific keywords, allowing users to quickly and easily generate ideas tailored to their specific needs.

Additionally, it can be used within Figma, allowing designers to stay in the same program while they search and generate ideas. Over 3,000 designers have already used SplashAI, and it is available to try on Figma for free.

For more information, users can follow SplashAI on Twitter.

SplashAI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 20th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Figma Plugin Integration
Vast Image Library
Image Generation from keywords
Quick Idea Generation
Searchability in Other Designs
Mitigates need to swap applications
Free Trial Available
Strong Community Support
Twitter Updates and Support
Fellow Designer Content Accessibility
4K Image Generation
Rapid Generation Process


Figma dependent
Limited to image generation
No stand-alone application
No specification on image quality
Limited by keywords accuracy
No third-party integrations mentioned
Relies on existing designs library
No Multi-platform support


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How many designers have already used SplashAI?
Is SplashAI free to use on Figma?
Can I use SplashAI without Figma?
How does SplashAI use AI for image generation?
What are the capabilities of SplashAI's image library?
How quick is the image generation process with SplashAI?
Is SplashAI capable of generating images on specific prompts and keywords?
What social media platforms is SplashAI active on?
How can SplashAI help in generating fresh design ideas?
Do I need to know coding to use SplashAI?
Can I follow SplashAI on Twitter for more updates?
What kind of images does the SplashAI library consist of?
How does SplashAI aid in improving my design efficiency?

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