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Streamlines writing commit messages for developers.
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SplitJoinSplitJoin is an AI assistant tool aimed at making the process of writing commit messages easier. After making changes to a project, the tool will generate a commit message automatically based on those changes, which will help developers save time that would otherwise be spent manually writing a commit message.

The tool also includes a feature to replace the default Gravatar image with a silhouetted outline of a person image. This feature allows developers to have a more personalized commit message and makes it easier to differentiate between different developers on the project.

Additionally, the tool allows developers to easily keep track of changes in their project with the “git status” command, which displays the current status of the project and any changes that have been made.

SplitJoinSplitJoin is a useful tool for developers who want to save time when writing commit messages and keep their projects organized.


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Splitjoin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 17th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Auto-generates commit messages
Personalized commit messages
Displays project status
Track project changes
Streamlines writing process
Differentiates between developers
Customizable Gravatar image
Integrated with 'git status' command
Offers suggestions for commit modifications


No language translation feature
Lacks manual override of suggestions
No integration with other tools
Limited personalization options
No multi-platform support
No offline functionality
Lacks version control feature
No collaboration feature
Doesn't support batch operations
No Undo/Redo feature


What is SplitJoinSplitJoin?
How does SplitJoinSplitJoin help in writing commit messages?
What features does SplitJoinSplitJoin offer to developers?
How does SplitJoinSplitJoin integrate with my existing development tools?
How can SplitJoinSplitJoin help me save time?
What does the Gravatar image replacement feature do in SplitJoinSplitJoin?
Is there a way to track changes in my project using SplitJoinSplitJoin?
How does SplitJoinSplitJoin assist with the 'git status' command?
How is SplitJoinSplitJoin different from other AI assistants?
Can I personalize my commit messages using SplitJoinSplitJoin?
How does SplitJoinSplitJoin generate commit messages automatically?
How can SplitJoinSplitJoin streamline the commit message writing process for my team?
What level of proficiency is required to effectively use SplitJoinSplitJoin?
Is SplitJoinSplitJoin suitable for large scale projects?
How does SplitJoinSplitJoin improve project organization?
Can SplitJoinSplitJoin differentiate between different developers in the project?
What is the process of getting started with SplitJoinSplitJoin?
Do I need to do any setup before SplitJoinSplitJoin can start generating commit messages?
How does the 'sj commit' command work in SplitJoinSplitJoin?
If I revert to a previous version, will SplitJoinSplitJoin still work as expected?


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