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Rapid info retrieval for meetings & workshops.
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Springboard is an AI tool that offers quick access to market, technological, and trend information necessary for participants to prepare for upcoming meetings, workshops, and design sprints.

It conveniently provides users with information that will help them make informed decisions during meetings and ensure that they are well-prepared for their upcoming workshops.

It aims to help users 'kick-off like a boss'.Springboard caters to various individuals, including Product Owners, Workshop Facilitators, Business Analysts, Design Sprinters, Product Managers, and Digitalisation and Innovation Managers.

Therefore, it is suitable for anyone who needs to come prepared for an upcoming meeting or workshop.The tool is easy to use, and with just one click, users can access pre-prepared information that they can use to make informed decisions in meetings.

It is a Micro SaaS by Humblebee, and users can access it by logging in using their credentials.In summary, Springboard is an AI tool that provides quick and easy access to necessary information relevant to meetings, workshops, and design sprints.

By using it, individuals can be confident in their preparations and make informed decisions that will help move projects forward.


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Springboard was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Rapid info retrieval
Prepares participants for meetings
Ideal for product managers
Suitable for business analysts
Beneficial for workshop facilitators
Easy-to-use interface
One-click access info
Informative for design sprinters
Assists digitalisation/innovation managers
Micro SaaS
Prepared information for decisions
Supports various individuals
Facilitates design sprints
Enables informed decision-making
Ensures well-prepared workshops
Saves time on research
Enables efficient meeting prep
Designed for various roles
Direct login access
Driven by user needs
Developed by Humblebee
Helpful for new clients


Limited to pre-prepared information
No apparent data customization
May favor established markets
Possible privacy concerns
No offline access
Lack of advanced analytics
Single sign-in method
Lack of user collaboration
Limited language support
May lack depth of info


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Is Springboard an easy tool to use?
How secure is my login to Springboard?
Who is behind the creation of Springboard?
What does 'Micro SaaS by Humblebee' mean?
How can I sign up for Springboard?
Is there a cost to use Springboard?
Does Springboard have customer support?
Does Springboard store or save my data?
Can Springboard work on mobile devices?
What types of decisions can Springboard help with during meetings?
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How does Springboard manage cookies and user data?

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