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An SQL query generator using natural language.
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SQL Genius is an AI-powered tool that enables users to write SQL queries using plain English. It helps users to quickly and easily understand the structure of a Postgres SQL table and get the full schema of a table in Postgres SQL with an easy SQL statement.

It works by parsing the English sentence and generating the SQL statement from it. The output is a formatted SQL query that can be used in any Postgres SQL database.

Additionally, it provides tips on how to get started with the process and find out what the output should look like. SQL Genius also provides an advanced SQL type feature that allows users to specify the type of SQL they are using.

This feature helps users to write more precise queries and get the desired output.


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SQLgenius was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


SQL query generation
Natural language support
Understanding Postgres SQL tables
Provides full schema
Formatted SQL output
Offers process tips
Advanced SQL type feature
Supports any Postgres database
Allows precise queries
Supports variety of SQL types
Multiple tables supported
SQL Explainer feature
Easy schema getting feature
Real SQL through English
JavaScript requirement
Table schema-based input
SQL Query Explanation
Easy SQL statement generation


Only supports Postgres SQL
No multi-platform support
Lacks real-time collaboration features
No interactive tutorial
No custom query optimization
Limited data type support
No support for stored procedures
No Support for SQL functions
Doesn't support database syncing
Beta version, might be unstable


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How precise can the queries be using SQL Genius?
How do I start using SQL Genius?
Can SQL Genius provide the full schema of a Postgres SQL table?
What are the features of SQL Genius for advanced SQL?
What other features does SQL Genius have apart from generating SQL queries?
How do I convert English sentences to SQL queries using SQL Genius?
Does SQL Genius provide tips for getting started?
Can I use SQL Genius to generate SQL queries from plain English?
Does SQL genius have a pricing model?
How can I provide feedback about SQL Genius?
What are the login requirements for SQL Genius?
Can SQL Genius assist in running queries using English?
Is there a blog or support center for SQL Genius?


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