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Turn any text into concise summaries with one click.
Generated by ChatGPT

Unriddle: AI-generated Summaries is a tool designed to simplify your reading experience by generating compact summaries of articles, blog posts, and other web content.

It is particularly valuable when dealing with lengthy texts, allowing users to understand the key points in a fraction of the time. Beyond simply summarizing content, the AI has the potential to offer clarity on certain topics when requested.

To use the extension, visit any webpage with a body of text, click on 'summarize', and a short paragraph detailing the main points will be produced. This feature makes reading more engaging and manageable, helping users to focus on the most essential parts of the text.

The developers have released updates to ensure faster generation of responses and a new name as Unriddle, formerly known as Squish. This tool makes the reading process more efficient, especially for individuals with extensive reading lists.

Note: The privacy policy discloses handling of personal data, with assurances that user data will not be sold, used, or transferred for reasons unrelated to the tool's core functionality.


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Pros and Cons


Generates concise summaries
One-click operation
Maintains key text points
Offers follow-up questions
History tab for archive
Chrome Web Store compatible
2.93 MB in size
Doesn't collect personal info
Doesn't sell data to third parties
Not used for unrelated purposes
Offered by naveedjanmo
Updated on January 25, 2023


Only compatible with Chrome
Limited to text summarization
No mobile app available
No multi-language support
Lacks customization options
No API provided
Initial version 0.1.6 indicates potential instability
Limited user reviews
Doesn't support large text inputs
Over-reliance on one-click function


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Does Squish require any specific system requirements to operate?
What kind of texts can I summarize with Squish?

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