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Speed up training and improve efficiency with AI
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to streamline the processes of employee training and competency development. Its features provide solutions for systematizing a company's knowledge base and enhancing team performance.

At the heart of is the AI assistant, that provides instant, high-quality responses to any question, drawing on the company's documents stored in the platform's knowledge base.

The assistant is fluent in multiple languages, ensuring relevant information is accessible for a diverse employee base. The platform's knowledge base integrates all company documents and is equipped with a visual editor for document creation.

The learning feature offers an easy-to-use tool for creating interactive courses, analytics, and a library of ready-made materials for effective training and professional development.

It includes a unique feature of running pulse-surveys geared towards measuring employee engagement and providing insights to help improve company processes.

The platform also promotes transparent performance review, allowing for anonymous and confidential employee evaluations. In addition to these, simplifies the process of onboarding for new employees with personalized training plans to facilitate smoother integration into work processes.

With the collected data and insights, companies can accelerate learning processes, increase employee efficiency, and align their efforts with overarching company goals.


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Pros and Cons


Speeds up training programs
Increases efficiency
Synchronizes employee goals with company
Creates company knowledge base
Automatically creates individualized courses
Game-like training
Reduces training costs
Adapts with new employees
Preparing company for new opportunities
Course library of expert courses
Customizable platform design
Accessible in multiple languages
GDPR data security
Flat rate pricing
Marketplace of courses
Creates detailed business processes
Builds policy standards and regulations
Training based on roles and experience
Integrates with newcomers
Improves overall productivity
Provides employee understanding of company goals
Adaptive training
Full-featured Learning Management System
Easy start-up
Generates automatic regulations in knowledge base
Customizable corporate style
Free access to courses on registration
24/7 expert support


No offline functionality
Lack of integrations
Lack of advanced analytics
Design not fully customizable
Not fully described GDPR compliances
Flat rate pricing system
Limited course library


What is the purpose of
How does synchronize employee efforts?
Can assist in creating a knowledge base?
Is there a gaming feature in training?
Does cater to individual employees' training?
What kind of analytics does provide?
How does reduce training costs?
Can the platform be customized according to the company's style?
Is available in multiple languages?
How secure is my data with
What is the pricing model of
What resources are available in the course library?
Is there any benefit in terms of the speed of training programs with
What does efficiency with mean?
How does help with new employee adaptation?
Does support integration with other platforms?
Can also train employees in a game-like way?
Does also contain courses from leading experts?
How can I access
Does the platform provide any free courses after registration?

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