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Build custom chatbots at lower cost, using your own OpenAI key
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Stackbear is a powerful platform that allows you to create intelligent AI chatbots in minutes and embed them directly onto your website.

What sets Stackbear apart is its unique pricing model that leverages your own OpenAI API key, making it significantly more affordable to deploy and operate AI chatbots, especially when utilizing advanced models like GPT-4.

With traditional chatbot solutions, you're often limited by strict message quotas and expensive per-message fees, especially for cutting-edge language models. Stackbear flips this paradigm by charging a simple flat monthly fee for their service, while you provide and pay for your own OpenAI API usage. This innovative approach keeps Stackbear's costs low and offers unmatched flexibility - you can send as many messages as needed through your chatbot without incurring additional per-message charges.

Building a chatbot with Stackbear is a seamless process. Simply provide your website's URL or upload documents, and Stackbear's AI will instantly scan and index the content, using it to train a natural language chatbot. You can easily remove any pages you don't want included. The platform allows deep customization of your chatbot's personality, behavior, appearance and multi-lingual capabilities to ensure a perfect brand fit.

Once configured, deploying your chatbot is as simple as copying and pasting an embed code onto your website. Stackbear provides options to embed as a chat widget or iframe on any page. Your chatbot then goes live, ready to engage visitors with human-like conversational abilities powered by OpenAI's latest AI models like GPT-4.

But Stackbear offers far more than just customer-facing chatbots. The platform can also be used to create internal knowledge assistants to help employees find information faster and automate repetitive tasks. There are countless other innovative use cases like using chatbots for lead capture, sales, and marketing automation.

With its free starter tier and affordable paid plans, Stackbear is an accessible AI solution for businesses of any size. By allowing you to leverage your existing OpenAI account and models like GPT-4, Stackbear delivers cutting-edge capabilities while remaining incredibly cost-effective compared to conventional chatbot platforms with their opaque and limiting pricing structures.

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Sep 20, 2023
Awesome app with loads of different tools

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