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The easiest way to add a smart assistant to your website

Stackbear offers a straightforward, three-step solution to equip websites with an OpenAI-powered chat assistant. Users start by inputting their website URL, allowing Stackbear to scan and use the site's content to train the assistant. There's an option to exclude irrelevant pages or manually upload content, providing tailored knowledge for the assistant.

Customization is a key feature, with tools to adjust the assistant’s behavior and visual elements to fit the website's brand. Users can preview and test the assistant before launch, ensuring it operates as intended.

Deployment is simple: the platform generates an embed code that users embed into their website, activating the chat widget. The system is designed to allow the website owner to step into conversations when necessary, providing a blend of AI efficiency with a personal touch.

Stackbear's pricing adapts to the size of the user base, charging based on the number of active users. The service includes GPT-4 capabilities, options for human intervention, and branding tools. It also supports multiple languages and provides features for lead capturing and analytics, with the promise of adding email integration and daily summaries. The platform ensures that the assistant is available around the clock without requiring maintenance from the user.

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Sep 20, 2023
Awesome app with loads of different tools

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