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Customized fashion design with technology.
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Staiyl is an AI-driven tool that helps users bring their envisioned clothing designs to life. With Staiyl, users can input their design requirements, and the tool generates a sketch in under 60 seconds, which can be further customized with the help of human illustrators.

Staiyl allows users to order their custom-designed clothing, which is crafted to perfection before being delivered to their doorstep. The tool enables users to reorder their favorite designs as many times as they want, and even copy designs from their favorite influencers.

Staiyl emphasizes personal style over trends, offering users the ability to create custom-made bridal wear, evening gowns, casual Y2K looks, tailored suits, or any other complex fashion designs.

The platform also features pre-made designs from influencers that users can select and send directly to production. Staiyl's AI-based technology simplifies the design process, bringing even complicated fashion designs to life.

The tool allows users to transform their design ideas into reality with just a few words. Meanwhile, the tool's human illustrators ensure that users' designs are created exactly as envisioned.

Staiyl is an excellent tool for those looking to explore their personal style and create custom-made clothing that perfectly represents them.


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Jun 2, 2023
Cool concept but the textbox doesn't work for me when I try to enter a description

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Pros and Cons


Quick design generation
Customization options
Provides human illustrators
Direct order system
Allows reordering
Influencer design copies
Emphasizes personal style
Handles complex designs
Produces actual clothing
Premade influencer designs
Brief design requirement inputs
Crafted clothing delivery
Suits multiple fashion types
Bridal wear design
Tailored suits design
Evening gown design
Casual Y2K design
Influencer inspirations


No 3D design preview
Limited styles for men
Depends on human illustrators
No information on fabric
No collaborative feature
Limited to clothing designs
No option for user measurements
No mobile app
No integration with fashion software


What is Staiyl?
How does Staiyl work?
What is the input required to generate a sketch using Staiyl?
How long does it take for Staiyl to generate a sketch?
Is it possible to customize Staiyl-generated sketches further?
Can I use Staiyl to copy designs from influencers?
Can I order clothes customized using Staiyl?
Can I reorder my favorite designs using Staiyl?
Does Staiyl offer pre-made designs?
What kind of fashion designs can I create using Staiyl?
How does Staiyl ensure that the clothing crafted matches my design expectations?
Can I create complex fashion designs using Staiyl?
What role do human illustrators play in the Staiyl design process?
Who is Staiyl suitable for?
Can I send my Staiyl design directly to production?
How does Staiyl’s AI technology simplify the design process?
Can I use Staiyl to explore my personal style?
How does Staiyl prioritize personal style over trends?
How does Staiyl facilitate the creation of custom-made clothing?
How will Staiyl deliver my custom-designed clothes?

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