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StartKit.AI is an AI boilerplate designed to speed up the development of AI startups. It offers flexibility in rapidly building and launching AI products and services by providing readily accessible code to its users, eliminating the extensive coding process required to start from scratch.

StartKit.AI includes the integration of OpenAI models, a Node.js API, a Mongo Database, and Pinecone vector storage. Pre-built REST API routes for all common AI functionality, pre-configured Pinecone for text embeddings, and a Retrieval-Augmented Generation setup for chat endpoints are provided.

It also comes with user management and API limit management features, along with fully detailed documentation covering all the provided code. Six demo applications are included as a starting point.

Two plans are offered, Starter and Growth, with the main difference being the capacity for scaling in the latter. Potential applications include, but are not limited to, ChatGPT clone development, PDF analysis, and image generation.

Upon purchase, users receive access to the StartKit.AI GitHub repository where they can download, customize, and receive updates on the full codebase.

Users can discuss their needs or request features via the GitHub repository.

StartKit was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2024.

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Jun 7, 2024
Awesome tool! I was looking for some AI boilerplate for a while and the offer here was unbeatable. James has been extremely helpful and I was able to run a ChatGPT replica on my Chromebook (YES!) and then deploy it online. I can't recommend it enough
May 31, 2024
I’ve purchased boilerplates before but honestly this is by FAR the most thorough and useful. I mean check out the documentation alone. I get that ppl might be “boilerplated out” by now but seriously don’t sleep on this if you want to save literal days/weeks of building. Using it now to build a microsaas in 48 hours!!
Apr 25, 2024
Highly recommend I no longer have to waste time spinning up all the administrative bits for each new tool I build. This will be the core of my AI projects for a long time.

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Pros and Cons


Node.js API provided
Mongo Database supported
Pinecone vector storage
Pre-built REST API routes
Pre-configured Pinecone for embeddings
Retrieval-Augmented Generation for chats
User management features
API limit management
Detailed documentation provided
Includes six demo applications
Offers scalability in plans
GitHub repository access with purchase
Customizable source code
Continual updates on codebase
Feature request option available
Potential for ChatGPT clone development
PDF analysis possibility
Image generation capability
Avoids extensive coding process
User authentication included
Vector Database + RAG Setup
Usage limits and monitoring
Admin dashboard provided
Stripe integration
Insider Telegram group access
Support included
One year of updates
TypeScript or JavaScript compatibility
Actively updated code
Potential for upgrading plans
Discussion open in GitHub repo
Demo app diversity
Admin Dashboard for API tracking
Starter and Growth plans
Perpetual Fallback License included
Easy setup guides available
Written in Node and JavaScript
Code fully downloadable from GitHub
Access to the complete codebase
One-time payment, access forever
Backend and demos in JavaScript
Successfully run product examples
Potential for custom additions
10% income to EffectiveCharities


No multi-language support
Tied to Mongo Database
Dependent on Pinecone storage
No option for feature removal
Restricted to Node.js API
Not customizable price plans
Limited scope of application
Documentation redundancy
Limited to GitHub interaction


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How do I receive updates on the StartKit.AI codebase?
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Can I request new features for StartKit.AI?
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What types of AI products can I launch with StartKit.AI?
What does StartKit.AI offer for text embeddings and chat endpoints?
How does Retrieval-Augmented Generation feature in StartKit.AI work?
Can I monitor the usage limits and API usage with StartKit.AI?
What is the role of the Node.js API in StartKit.AI?
What potential applications does StartKit.AI support?
How do I get access to the StartKit.AI Github repository?

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