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Auto-explain code and suggest SO content for docs.
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Stenography is an AI-powered codebase documenter that allows developers to automatically document their codebases in real-time. It uses a powerful API that can pass in code and respond with an explanation in plain English, as well as Stack Overflow Suggestions and linked documentation.

It also has various extensions, such as the VSC Extension, that can be used to integrate Stenography wherever code can be found. Privacy is also a top priority with Stenography, as it uses a passthrough API and does not store code.

It also offers 250 free monthly invocations and a live running list of examples and extensions on Notion. Stenography was built by Bram Adams and is a great tool for developers.

Stenography was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 20th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Real-time automatic documentation
API driven service
Explanations in plain English
Offers Stack Overflow Suggestions
Includes linked documentation
Integrates with VSC Extension
Privacy is prioritized
Does not store code
250 free monthly invocations
Live examples and extensions
No need for manual googling
Flexible customization
Multiple extension integrations
Personal code remains system-local


Limited free monthly invocations
Needs VSC Extension for integration
No code storage
Dependency on Stack Overflow content
Single developer reliability


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How does Stenography work?
What is Stenography's API for?
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How does Stenography protect my privacy?
Does Stenography store my code?
How can I use Stenography's API for free?
Who built Stenography?
Can I use Stenography in Visual Studio Code?
Is there any limit to how much I can use Stenography?
Where can I find examples and extensions of Stenography?
What is the purpose of Stack Overflow Suggestions in Stenography?
Can I customize Stenography to my needs?
Does Stenography provide documentation along with the code explanation?
Where can I learn about Stenography's pricing?
How does Stenography help in automatic documentation?
Where can I reach out for Stenography support?
What else can I do with Stenography's API?
Where can I find Stenography's terms of service and privacy policy?
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