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Voice synthesized content creation & gaming.
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SteosVoice (formerly CyberVoice) is an AI tool for creating ultra-realistic speech synthesis with high quality sound. It is designed for content, mod and game creators to create unique, engaging content and monetize their voice.

It offers over 50 voices in 15 languages and has over 15,000 users and 25,000 hours of audio generated everyday. SteosVoice provides 44.1K WAV files, making it a great tool for dubbing videos, donations, indie games, mods, podcasts, voice messages for patrons, and audio books.

It also offers a Telegram Bot, API, and BrandVoice to help creators create and monetize their content. SteosVoice is a great tool for creating new stories with different voices, congratulating patrons on special occasions, creating voiceovers for websites and news, and creating voice donations on streams.

It is also perfect for dubbing games in multiple languages and creating more dubbed content.

SteosVoice was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 24th 2023.
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Aug 11, 2023

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Pros and Cons


Ultra-realistic speech synthesis
High quality sound
Over 50 voices
15 languages supported
Large user base
Generates 44.1K WAV Files
Offers Telegram bot
API access
BrandVoice feature
Excellent for dubbing videos
Great for content creation
Supports different language dubbing
Perfect for gaming applications
Creates unique engaging content
Allows creators to monetize
Unlimited use cases
Supports multiple input methods
Easily creates voiceovers
Perfect for voice donations
Convenient for businesses and media
Good for audio books creation
Suitable for podcast creation
Voice rights respect
Potential passive income creation
Possibility to license voice
Pays royalties
Allows voice customization
Highly user-friendly
Provides high quality voices
Pre-trained to simplify use
High synthesis volume
Constant development and updates
Easily integrates with other services
Helpful for YouTube localization
Assists in audience engagement
Technical support available
Plans for future expansion
Large community support
New languages planned
Respects voice authors' rights
Allows creation of endless variations
Promotes creative opportunities
Offers language independence
Enables advanced voice building
Collaborates with professional voice actors
Endless variety of use cases
Numerous positive testimonials
Plans for third party integrations
Supports indie game companies
Supports new quests voicing in mods
Monetization opportunities in voice overs


Limited language support
Restricted to 44.1K WAV files
Paid plans required for heavy usage
Unclear process in monetizing voice
May experience high demand
Bot has daily character limits
API only mentioned, no specifics
Limited character styles in voices
Partial community support services
Supports only 15 languages


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Can SteosVoice be used to dub games in multiple languages?
What are SteosVoice's key features?
How can I monetize my voice with SteosVoice?
What is SteosVoice's API?
Does SteosVoice respect the voice rights and profession of voice actors?
How can voice actors earn passive income with SteosVoice?
What is SteosVoice's marketplace?
Can SteosVoice be used to synthesize voice in multiple languages at once?
What are the future updates planned for SteosVoice?
Can I get support or help with SteosVoice if I need it?

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