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Customizable templates for professional videos.
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Steve AI is an online video making software that uses patented AI technology to help users create professional videos in minutes. It offers a wide range of use cases, from invitation video makers to corporate video makers and more.

It has a massive collection of 100+ million assets for users to choose from, including plus-size and animal characters, epidemic music, and more. It also allows users to customize the videos, upload their own assets, and integrate custom branding.

It has a range of templates for different concepts, such as marketing videos, explainer videos, people & culture, commercials, educational videos, YouTube videos, infographics, thought leadership, greetings/wishes, and more.

It is easy to use with a helpful tutorial and it can save users countless hours of editing. It is trusted by leading brands across the world and it is free forever, no credit card required.


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Steve AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


100+ million creative assets
Easy customization of videos
Optional user-uploaded assets
Custom branding integration
Broad range of templates
Helpful video tutorial
Significant time-saver
Trusted by leading brands
No credit card required
Can repurpose blogs to videos
Can convert audio to video
Supports keyword video generation
Includes plus-size & animal characters
Offers an advanced video editing suite
Produces 4K quality videos
Tool is free forever
Suitable for marketing videos
Infographic video creation
Greeting/wish video creation
Appropriate for people & culture videos
Educational video creation
Ideal for YouTube videos
Commendable for explainer videos
Helpful for corporate communication
User-friendly and intuitive
Can save hours of editing
Instant blog to video conversion
Integrated text to video converter
Supports collaboration and publishing
Trusted by global brands
Quick video creation
Support multiple use-cases
Access to epidemic music
Multiple templates for each category
Personalize videos according to role
Instant repurposing of blogs
Moviemaker for different social platforms
Extractor and video converter for audio files
Enables customization and brand alignment


No offline capability
Lacks advanced editing tools
Limited asset customization
Template dependent
No explicit data privacy
Reliant on internet speed
Restricted formats for upload
Doesn't support 360-degree videos
Potential overuse of templates
Unclear licensing for assets


What is Steve AI?
How does Steve AI's patented AI technology work?
What kind of videos can I create using Steve AI?
What are the different templates available on Steve AI?
How can I customize my videos on Steve AI?
Can I upload my own assets to Steve AI?
How does Steve AI integrate custom branding?
What level of quality can I expect from the videos created using Steve AI?
What are some use cases for Steve AI?
Is there a cost to use Steve AI?
Can I convert texts to video using Steve AI?
Can I make videos from my blog using Steve AI?
How does Steve AI handle audio files?
What is the asset collection offered by Steve AI?
How is commercial video making done on Steve AI?
Can I create Youtube videos with Steve AI?
Is it possible to use Steve AI for making explainer videos?
Can I use Steve AI for creating marketing videos?
Is it possible to convert my text content to video using Steve AI?
How can I sign up for Steve AI?

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