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Brand-tailored shopping aide.
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Store Copilot is an AI-powered shopping assistant that helps brands create a more personalized customer experience by speaking in their unique brand language.

This tool is currently available through early access and is set to be available soon on the Shopify App Store. With Store Copilot, brands can create a customized AI assistant that speaks in the brand's language, making the shopping experience more personalized and enhancing customer satisfaction.One of the main features of Store Copilot is its ability to create a branded AI shopping assistant.

This allows customers to interact with a virtual assistant that speaks in the brand's voice, helping them find relevant products, make purchase decisions, and answer any queries they may have.

Store Copilot also offers a community platform, where Shopify ecosystem members can network, share work, seek support, and stay updated on new product features.Store Copilot was created by Youness Idbakkasse, the founder of the tool, along with Kinane, a software development company.

The tool is built to help brands to provide a better shopping experience to their customers by leveraging the power of AI. If you are interested in trying out Store Copilot, you can join the waitlist or request a custom demo for your brand.


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Store Copilot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 14th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Brand-tailored shopping assistance
Personalized customer experience
Speaks in brand's language
Find relevant products
Assist in purchase decisions
Answer customer queries
Community platform for Shopify users
Network and share work
Stay updated on new features
Waitlist for early access
Option to request custom demo
Integrated with Shopify


Early access only
Limited to Shopify
Customization potentially time-consuming
Waitlist for access
Community platform distraction
Dependent on brand language fluency
No specific mention of language support
No clear pricing structure
Unclear update frequency
Reliant on Kinane's development capabilities


What is Store Copilot?
What features does Store Copilot offer?
How does Store Copilot personalize the shopping experience?
What is the benefit of Store Copilot's brand language feature?
Can Store Copilot assist with product selection and purchase decisions?
Is Store Copilot available for all e-commerce platforms or exclusive to Shopify?
How can one get early access to Store Copilot?
What is Store Copilot's community platform about?
How can I join Store Copilot's community platform?
Who are the creators of Store Copilot?
What is the advantage of using AI in a shopping assistant like Store Copilot?
Can I request a custom demo of Store Copilot?
When will Store Copilot be available on the Shopify App Store?
Is Store Copilot a standalone app or integrated within Shopify?
What does it mean that Store Copilot speaks in a brand's voice?
Can Store Copilot answer customer queries?
Is there any support available to users of Store Copilot?
How does the networking feature of Store Copilot work?
Can Store Copilot assist with sharing work and seeking support?
How can I join the waitlist for Store Copilot?

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