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Platform for creating customized children's stories.
Generated by ChatGPT is a powerful AI-driven platform for creating personalized children’s books. With its intuitive user interface, users can quickly create stories, poems and illustrations in seconds.

The platform is powered by AI, allowing users to personalize stories to the child’s age, interests and reading level. It also offers a range of pricing plans, from a 10-pack of stories to an unlimited monthly or yearly plan.

The platform is trusted by over 1,500 parents and has been named #1 for kids stories creation by Product Hunt. helps parents create quality time with their children and encourages parents to read with their kids, which is the single biggest predictor of academic success.

The platform is available on iPhone, Android, and all tablets.


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StoriesForKids was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 10th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Customized children's stories
Intuitive user interface
Stories, poems and illustrations
Personalizes to child's interests
Personalizes to child's reading level
Range of pricing plans
10-pack or unlimited stories
Trusted by 1,500+ parents
Highly rated by users
Promotes parent-child reading
Predictor of academic success
Available on all devices
Awarded #1 by Product Hunt
Turns real situations into stories
Creates illustrations in seconds
Encourages quality time
Suitable for all ages
Offers free stories
Unlimited stories and poems
Remake any story
Save and share functionality
Option to cancel anytime


No offline access
No language variety
Can't customize illustrations
Expensive pricing plans
No diversity in story genres
No specific age categorization
Basic story formats
No user community forums
Limited platform support
Limited customer assistance


What is
How does generate personalized stories?
How can be used to create poems and illustrations?
Can adapt stories to a child's reading level?
What are the pricing plans available on
How many parents trust
Does have any awards or recognition?
Is available on Android, iPhone, and tablets?
Does allow story creation for all ages?
How does contribute to academic success?
Can I create my own story if I'm not a parent?
Do I need any technical skills to use
Can I change or edit a story after it's created on
What's the process for saving and sharing stories on
Can I cancel my subscription at any time on
Does offer a free trial?
What is the 10-pack of stories option and what does it include?
Can create illustrations as well as stories?
Why do parents trust
How can turn real-life situations into stories?


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