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Platform for idea generation and refinement.
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The AI-Powered Brainstorming tool by Stormz offers seven AI-driven features to improve brainstorming sessions, generate more unique ideas, cluster them in one-click, and refine them into robust solutions.

The features include Workshop V2, which allows users to brainstorm ideas, develop them into concepts, and make decisions. The Quiz & Survey feature enables facilitators to conduct live surveys, fun ice-breakers, or engaging quizzes.

With the AI Boosters, users can supercharge their brainstorming with personalized lines of thought, generate a set of ideas, creatively illustrate ideas, generate 'How Might We' questions, refine ideas by listing pros, cons, and more, cluster ideas, and label idea groups.

These features are designed to facilitate the process of generating ideas and selecting the best solutions within a group. The AI features are exclusive to premium users, but users can get a free coupon by sharing the page on LinkedIn and mentioning the founder.

The tool is easy to use, with one-click AI superpowers for facilitators. It gently helps participants formulate more robust ideas by providing personalized lines of thought.

With AI-powered features that generate ideas automatically based on the title of the workshop and its subtopics, users can still use favorite features such as voting, commenting, and clustering.

Overall, Stormz's AI-Powered Brainstorming tool is an innovative platform that enhances the brainstorming process by utilizing artificial intelligence to generate and cluster ideas.


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Aug 9, 2023
This is an amazing tool--interactive, engaging, and impactful. We can gain powerful insights in seconds.
Aug 4, 2023
I love using Stormz for brainstorming and evaluating ideas. The AI features really help to push participants to think outside of the box. Familiar creativity tools are easily used with AI. Plus, as a facilitator, it can be used seamlessly when participants are gathered in one room or remotely.
Aug 3, 2023
Stormz has been quite simply my go-to facilitation platform for some time, and now its AI features make it even better. The AI graphic generator is a ton of fun for participants and for me, the AI based automatic clustering of ideas is magical. Stormz nicely balances a sophisticated and powerful interface that is simple for participants to use and great features for facilitators to design and deliver great experiences.
Jul 24, 2023
Really liked the integrated AI brainstorming options!
Jul 21, 2023
The AI Graphic features are quite impressive and allows for a lot of different options. The identification icons for AI created ideas work well, I think it is a nice feature to ensure where the AI is doing the work.
Jul 21, 2023
I use many digital collaboration products in my work with clients; Stormz is the only AI tool I would recommend for serious work. All others feel like they are playing with a new toy, not quite sure how to use it. Stormz AI implementation is thiughtfully varied: you can use it as both a content and idea generator OR as a thought partner. And unlike other digital collaboration tools, Stormz's structured data model allows its AI to be orders of magnitude more specific, detailed and useful than other tools.
Jul 7, 2023
I've added the AI features to the Stormz platform so that they can assist the facilitator and the participants and help them generate more and better ideas. The line of thoughts feature is one such example, instead of generating ideas for the participants, the AI will ask them question and give them alternate perspective so that they can enhance their thinking.

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Pros and Cons


Functional workshop feature
Inclusive quiz and survey
Generates unique ideas
One-click idea clustering
Robust idea refinement
Shareable for free coupon
Easy to use tool
Generates personalized lines of thought
Automatic idea generation
Supports voting, commenting, clustering
Generates 'How Might We' questions
Idea illustrations
Variations of existing ideas
Lists idea pros and cons
Theming of idea clusters
Labels for idea groups
Session planning tool
Offers reordering, regrouping, merging, duplicating
Multiple voting systems
Multicriteria evaluations
Schema-based vote and rating results
Export session data to Excel


No collaboration features mentioned
No integration with other tools
Possible language limitation
Limited content export options
Requires sharing for free trial
No offline mode mentioned
Unclear data privacy measures
No advanced customization options
Lack of robust analytics


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What are the premium features of Stormz?
What services does the Stormz AI tool provide in enhancing the brainstorming process?
How does Stormz offer a wider perspective on problem-solving?
How does Stormz assist in formulating better ideas?

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