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Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered platform designed for digital storytellers, authors, writers, influencers, animators, and video professionals. It enables users to create mini-stories and 60-second AI-generated videos with a high level of coherence.

It provides real-time creative control, allowing users to rewrite plotlines, reshape characters, and restyle scenes using its real-time editing toolkit. models storyboard progressions to form interesting story arcs from introduction, climax, to resolution. It also offers functionality for animation, enabling users to produce vivid 60-second shorts that bring animated characters to life with rich backstories.

Influencers can leverage the platform to generate short viral videos, jokes, stunts, and cliffhangers tailored to their brands. Video professionals can use it to produce 60-second rough cuts for ads, trailers, and promos, and storytellers can employ it to tell and bring their stories to the screens.

The AI aspect handles the heavy lifting, enhancing the narrative and visual elements for compelling storytelling while saving users' time. The platform is designed for creative individuals who need to produce visually engaging short form content efficiently.


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Pros and Cons


Creates coherent mini-stories
Real-time creative control
Real-time editing toolkit
Models storyboard progressions
Supports animation functionality
Tailored content for influencers
Allows for plot rewrites
Facilitates character reshaping
Scene restyle capability
Produces 60-second ads
Ideal for short trailers
Creates short promos
Handled heavy lifting
Enhances narrative elements
Enhances visual elements
Time efficiency
Designed for creative professionals
Engages short form content
Generates digital stories
Support for video professionals
Interactive storytelling
Supports brand-specific content
Influencer marketing tools
Allows for viral videos
Generates jokes and stunts
Helps create cliffhangers
Built for TikTok influencers
Generates rich character backstories
Good for authors and writers
Supports plot introduction to resolution
Assists in story arc modeling
Content generation tool
Robust editing toolkit
Helps generate visually engaging content
Saves user time
Produces vivid 60-second shorts
Offers creative control in real-time
Useful for storytellers and animators
Generates video content for ads
Interactive and efficient tool
Quick, coherent content creation
Generates creative story arcs
Allows for character and scene editing
Facilitates engaging video production
Creates content tailored to user's brand
Enhances viewer engagement
Saves production time
Allows for quick plot revisions
Offers control over visual elements


Only generates 60-second videos
Lacks advanced animation features
No long-form content capability
Requires high creativity input
Limited to one style
No multiplatform support
Lacks collaborative tools
No version history
No provision for non-story content
Resource heavy for large projects


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Can be used for creating 60-second videos?
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How does integrate AI in animation?
Can I use to make short viral videos?
How can authors and writers benefit from
Can enhance my story's narrative and visual elements?
Is it possible to create trailers and promos using
What is's role in content generation?
What are the time efficiency benefits of
Can bring my stories to screens?
Is useful for TikTok influencers?
Can video professionals benefit from using
How can animators employ
Is it possible to edit videos in real-time using

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