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Fashion as unique as you, fused with sustainable AI innovation.
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STRAND Select Collection is an innovative tool that blends sustainable fashion with AI technology. It allows users to create individualistic, one-of-a-kind designs based on their fashionable preferences.

The tool offers a variety of themes from current collections for users to pick from and design their own unique attire. The distinguishing feature of the tool permits users a specified number of attempts to design between collections, adding to its uniqueness and user engagement.

It aims to enable users to create and wear what's never been worn before, promoting a sense of individuality and sustainability in fashion. It also features a smooth checkout process for the user convenience.

Alongside, STRAND Select Collection maintains a strong online presence through its availability on diverse social media platforms, thus enabling a wider reach and richer interactive experience.


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Jan 14, 2024
interesting idea, but very basic implementation - they have preloaded prompts with a few themes and can order a shirt for you with the picture generated.

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Pros and Cons


Sustainable fashion
Unique creations
Variety of themes
User engagement
Promotes individuality
Smooth checkout
Strong online presence
Social media engagement
Facilitates creativity
Limited design attempts
Wider reach
Richer interactive experience
E-commerce capability
Uniqueness promotion
Fashion tech blend
Eco-friendly design technology
Sustainably innovative
Fashion individualism
Customizable clothing
User-friendly interface
End-to-end design tool
Dynamic collections
Convenient shopping experience
Style personalization
Unconventional fashion design
Integrated social media channels
Participation incentivized design process


Limited design attempts
No offline access
No VR/AR experience
No collaborative designing
No print-on-demand integration
Limited theme varieties
No iOS/Android App
Limited user support channels
No multi-lingual support
Doesn't support all payment gateways


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