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Discover Innovative Investment Strategies with cutting-edge AI research.
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STRATxAI provides artificial intelligence-enhanced tools for investment strategy modelling and research. Utilized by global investment platforms, hedge funds, and portfolio managers, STRATxAI aims to leverage AI for the efficient delivery of alpha generating strategies.

One of their key offerings is 'Alana', a platform that encapsulates significant investment domain knowledge, thorough quantitative research, and AI-enhanced technology.

Alana permits the creation of new investment strategies, wide-scale backtesting, and optimized portfolio composition. STRATxAI also has AI Smart Portfolios, designed for professionals seeking to access innovative investment strategies with scalability and customisability to produce active manager-level returns at passive level costs.

Alana's platform caters to both no-code and know-code users, providing tools for strategy research and development, portfolio optimization, risk management, and informed decision-making.

STRATxAI also offers portfolio optimisation features, generating robust and actionable signals through quantitative research and advanced machine learning.

The company is known for its collaboration with eToro to create the Cutting-Edge Smart Portfolio, a dynamic selection of promising US stocks using a multi-factor approach.


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Pros and Cons


Ready-made investment strategies
Comparison with S&P 500
Instant ETF or stock portfolio creation
Automated investing options
Secure automated trading
Strategy builder tool
Educational resources
Free masterclasses and webinars
Investment guides for all levels
Institutional-level financial tools
Individual investor friendly
Investment strategy modelling
Quantitative research
Strategy backtesting
Portfolio optimization
Alpha generation
Hedge fund technologies
Risk management
Collaboration with eToro
Customisable investment strategies
Scalability for professionals
Active manager-level returns
Passive level costs
No-code and know-code tools
Informed decision-making tools
Robust and actionable signals
Advanced machine learning
Dynamic US stock selection
Multi-factor approach
Strategy design capabilities
Pre-constructed models for strategies
Deep customization features
Sophisticated data lake
Thousands of equities and ETFs
Weighted factor and exposure criteria
Signal generation
Proprietary backtest technology
20 years of financial data
Multiple simulation parameters
Advanced portfolio optimiser
Risk management capabilities
Sector and diversification constraints
Efficient and performant portfolio construction
SEC-Registered Investment Advisor
Past performance information
Access to innovative strategies


No forex investment options
Lacks mobile application
Limited strategy customisation
No social trading feature
No live chat support
US focused investments
There's no free trial
No inclusion of commodities
Web-based UI performance issues
Dependent on external brokers


What is STRATxAI?
What features does STRATxAI offer its users?
How does STRATxAI's automated investing option work?
Can users create their own investment strategies on STRATxAI?
What educational resources does STRATxAI provide?
Is STRATxAI suitable for individual investors?
Can you tell more about STRATxAI's 'Alana' platform?
What are AI Smart Portfolios on STRATxAI?
What set of users is Alana's platform tailored for?
How can STRATxAI help with portfolio optimization?
What is the Cutting-Edge Smart Portfolio?
Who can use STRATxAI?
Is STRATxAI's platform suitable for no-code users?
Does STRATxAI offer a demo?
What investing platforms trust and use STRATxAI?
How does STRATxAI facilitate strategy design?
What sort of signals are provided by Alana's pre-coded factors?
How does Alana assure the construction of an efficient portfolio?
Who operates STRATxAI and are they registered?
What does STRATxAI's terms and conditions include?

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