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Your team’s CRM co-pilot in Gmail
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Streak AI is a tool designed to assist teams in managing workflows right inside Gmail, positioning itself as an AI-powered assistant for Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The tool streamlines data entry, provides insights and offers tailored suggestions, aiding in the decision-making process. Features of Streak AI include AI-powered data entry, which uses artificial intelligence to automatically manage data chronology and updates, and user-defined enrichment for leads and contacts.

Streak AI allows the creation of custom data views and drafting of responsive emails based on past interactions and communication style. It proposes an AI-suggested meeting agenda template, and automatically integrates your CRM with opportunities and contacts from your inbox.

Upcoming features include pipeline automation and custom-crafted email sequences based on specific business details and goals. Streak AI also plans to offer customization of pipelines via an AI chatbot, specific to the users' business needs.

The tool integrates with Google Chrome and is supported by OpenAI's technology.


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Streak AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 24th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


CRM inside Gmail
User-defined enrichment features
Custom data views
Responsive emails drafting
Automated CRM integration
Pipeline automation in progress
Customizable email sequences
Integrates with Google Chrome
Auto-fill CRM from inbox
Business-specific pipeline tailoring
Custom logic and calculations
Automations for team's tools
Training guides for Streak
Enrichment for leads and contacts
Freemium features available
Free trial for advanced features
Automated data chronology and updates
Detailed deal summaries
Quick access to insights
Natural language question answering
Data insights feature for decisions
Automated contact integration
Works inside the inbox
Automated missing data filling
Business details and goals input
Enable notifications support
User interactions feature
Customize without coding
Perfectly tailored pipelines
Describes ideal integrations
Bespoke training guides
Unique workflow management
Personalized emails feature
Handle deal updates
High converting email sequences
Fast answers feature
Prep-less meetings
Understand deals quickly
Natural language automations
Team performance reports


Only integrates with Gmail
No detailed data privacy
Limited customization
No mobile app support
Relies heavily on email data
Limited third-party integration
Certain features only for paid
Upcoming features, not ready
All data inside Gmail only


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What are the upcoming features in Streak AI?
How does Streak AI help in creating custom data views?
Can Streak AI help automate my CRM pipeline?
Is Streak AI support based on OpenAI's technology?
How does Streak AI help in the decision-making process for a team?
Can pipelines be customized through an AI chatbot in Streak AI?
What type of businesses would benefit most from using Streak AI?
Does Streak AI offer personalized email sequences?
Can Streak AI integrate contacts and opportunities from my inbox to the CRM?
Is Streak AI compatible with Google Chrome?
Does Streak AI offer insights and suggestions based on AI?
What are the specifics of Streak AI's data entry automation feature?
How does Streak AI handle chronological data and updates?
Can Streak AI assist with overall workflow and email management?


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